Karen Moore, 35, of Yahtahey was arrested on April 13 and booked at McKinley County Adult Detention Center for Aggravated DWI (her fifth offense), driving on a suspended and revoked driver’s license,  vehicle to be insured, vehicle to be registered and open container in a motor vehicle. McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Merlin Benally witnessed the Gold Hyundai Accent driven by Moore at Deadhorse Mustang on State Road 566.

After observing her “awkward” driving manner, as Benally described it, he ran the plate and found it to be expired. At the traffic stop, Benally noticed clues of DWI, such as the smell of intoxicating beverage, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. Despite Moore’s claims that she had not been drinking, but was instead hung over, she failed several field sobriety tests and blew a 0.194 on a breath test. Her passenger was made to dump his alcohol and leave the area.

Michelle Chapman, 33, of Gallup was arrested following a vehicle crash at Third St. and Maloney on March 25. Chapman was displaying signs of intoxication, failed several field sobriety tests and was, according to the officer, making incomplete and incoherent statements regarding the crash. She was booked on charges of aggravated driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor due to the fact that she was over two times the legal limit, blowing a .20 and a .19 on the breathalyzer. She was also booked for not having a license and an accident involving damage to vehicles.

Ivan McKinley, 36, of Brimhall was arrested after driving his vehicle, allegedly intoxicated, the wrong way and into a train April 2. McKinley was booked into the jail for his seventh DWI, an aggravated offense instituting a felony charge, open container in a motor vehicle, driving on a suspended revoked license (for a prior DWI), careless driving, not having his headlights on, not wearing his seat belt and driving the wrong way on a one way roadway.

McKinley was arrested driving northbound on the southbound one way Third Street where he then ran into a train that was on the track. Officer Daniel Brown, Gallup Police Department, observed the vehicle from the other side of the train and had to make his way around via Miyamura Overpass to assist Officer Harland Soseeah with the DWI investigation. After refusing field sobriety tests and breathalyzers, McKinley was taken to the hospital for a medical clearance and a blood draw, results pending.

Nieko Jessup, 24, of Pinehill was arrested after reportedly leaving a fight at Shalimar lounge and driving away with his hazard lights on. After driving very close to the curb and swerving in and out of the lane, Officer Victor Rodriguez, GPD, motioned Jessup to pull over with the use of lights and sirens. Jessup’s vehicle then ran into a curb, turned onto Eighth St. where it drove on top of the curb before coming to a stop.

Jessup refused field sobriety tests and breath tests, so he was arrested for aggravated driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor.

by Kimberly Gaona.