School board hopeful has baggage


A bench warrant has been issued against a former candidate for the Gallup-McKinley County School Board.

According to New Mexico court records, a bench warrant was issued on Oct. 25 by Grants Magistrate Judge Johnny Valdez after Olin Kieyoomia failed to show up for a hearing.

Kieyoomia, who lost to Kevin Mitchell in the Nov. 5 school board election, had been given a citation for driving on a suspended license. He pleaded not guilty to the charge and was scheduled to have a hearing on the matter Oct. 25.

The only record of a DWI charge against Kieyoomia is from Feb. 2007. He was also charged with careless driving and resisting arrest in that same incident.

A year later, he entered a no contest plea to the DWI charge and the other two charges were dismissed.

Kieyoomia was given probation and ordered to do community service, which he completed in March 2008. But problems arose with the probation, and a hearing was scheduled for which he failed to show up. Then an arrest warrant was issued.

Five bench warrants were issued over the next year and it appears the matter was finally dropped in 2013, because the jurisdiction lapsed.

His driver’s license was apparently suspended at some point since he was cited in 2014 for driving on a suspended license. This was dismissed in Feb. 2015, when a witness failed to show up at the hearing.