Downed light pole snarls traffic


A collision between a semi-truck and a traffic control pole at 6:59 pm Oct. 25 turned the intersection of Ford Avenue and Highway 66 into a temporary four-way stop.  Gallup Police Officer Victor Madrid reported that a semi-tractor trailer made a wide turn and hit the pole with the trailer on the north side of the intersection.

The driver of the semi was Ho Hyung Hwan. He spoke little English and was unable to describe the incident.  He backed the trailer off the pole. The semi was not damaged.  The trailer was slightly damaged.

Madrid says based on his investigation, the driver of the truck was trying to make a left turn from Highway 66 onto Miyamura Overpass.

The pole was removed from the roadway and stop signs were placed at the intersection.

Gallup City Manager Maryann Ustick said the new pole will come from the New Mexico Department of Transportation.

Signal Labs reported the concrete foundation is in satisfactory condition and a pole has been modified to fit the old style bolt pattern of the traffic light structure. It is expected to arrive no later than Nov. 4 and should be working at the intersection within a day of its arrival, weather permitting.