Weekly Police Activity Reports


Staff Reports



Fort Wingate, Oct. 20

A Fort Wingate man was arrested Oct. 10 after his mother-in-law called the sheriff’s office and said she wanted him removed from her trailer.

McKinley County Sheriff’s Deputy Alan Roane responded to the call about 5 pm. He spoke to Lucy Brown, who complained that Brandon Duffy, 33, had been loud and abusive all day. She said he was also intoxicated and she was scared of him.

Roane said he went into the bedroom where Duffy was watching television and told him to put on his shoes so they could go outside and talk. Roane said Duffy immediately became abusive and refused to comply.

Roane said he then tried to put handcuffs on Duffy, but he still refused to comply, so he was forced to use his taser, which allowed him to get control of the situation and place Duffy in handcuffs.

Duffy continued to be aggressive as he was led to Roane’s unit, trying to pull Roane toward an aggressive dog that was on the porch. Roane said he was able to gain control and place Duffy in his unit.

Once Duffy was in the police unit, Roane said he went back and talked to Brown, who said she had been having problems with Duffy’s behavior for years. She said she doesn’t want him to live there anymore and Roane urged her to talk to the trailer park manager to get him evicted.

Duffy was then transported to the county jail and charged with assault on a family member and resisting arrest.



Gallup, Sept. 22

Two area men and one woman are now facing breaking and entering charges because of the keen eye of a Gallup police officer.

Gallup Patrolman Domenic Molina said he was in the 2500 block of East Highway 66 about 9:30 am Sept. 22 looking for a suspect, when he noticed a break in the chain link fence at the Cash Cow business.

He decided to investigate and saw a van at the site belonging to the business. As he watched, he saw a man’s head peak out of a window. The man stepped back from the window and the van began rocking back and forth.

Molina called for assistance and when it arrived, he and Officer Daniel Brown approached the van and directed anyone who was in it to come out.

Three people came out – Jose Martinez, 22, of Gallup, Mikhale Begay, 19, of Ganado, Ariz. and Elvina Bitsilly, 31, of Gallup.

Molina then looked inside the van and said it looked as if the three had converted it into a fort. He also discovered an open door to the business, but no one was inside.

The three suspects were transported to the county jail and booked on charges of breaking and entering.



Gallup, Sept. 21

Kendall Tom, 26, of Chinle, was charged with aggravated assault when he threatened a customer at Walmart with an air rifle.

The incident occurred on Sept. 21 in the tire section of the store.

Deidre Nez, an employee of the store, said she was trying to help a customer from New York, Justin Ostrowski, who wanted to buy a certain type of tire. Ostrowski said he had been talking to a man inside the store, when the man pulled a gun on him.

Officer Nicole Diswood asked Nez how she knew the male holding the Air Soft gun and was told he was Nez’s boyfriend. Nez identified her boyfriend as Kendall Tom. Diswood asked if Tom had a phone and told Nez she needed her to call Tom and ask him to return to the store.

Then Nez began explaining what had happened when Ostrowski got upset with her because she didn’t have the kind of tire he was looking for. She said she told him the store did not have that kind of tire, which caused him to get upset and call her names, because an employee at the store the night before said they carried them. Nez said the other employee was wrong.

Nez said she did feel threatened by Ostrowski, so she called her boyfriend, Tom, crying and telling him of the incident. Diswood asked Nez if Tom had any weapons and Nez said he had two Air Soft guns, one pistol and one rifle.

Gallup Patrolman Domenic Molina said he met Tom when he arrived. He patted him down and found no weapons, but Tom said he had an air pistol in the trunk of his car. Tom said the trunk was open and that officers could get the air soft pistol. Diswood asked Mr. Tom where the Air Soft rifle was and he said he didn’t have one. Another officer showed Ostrowski the pistol and he said the gun that was pointed at him was a rifle and it was longer than the pistol. The officer took the Air Soft pistol and logged it into evidence at Gallup Police Department.

Tom was arrested and taken to the McKinley County Detention Center where he was booked, after getting a medical clearance.