Weekly Police Activity Reports



Gallup, Sept. 10

A Gallup man faces multiple charges after he reportedly threatened a man with a knife.

Herbert Yazzie, 24, of Gallup, has been charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and criminal damage to property. He was also found to have two outstanding warrants for his arrest.

Gallup Police Officer Victor Madrid said he was dispatched to the 1500 block of East Historic Highway 66 about 9:30 pm on Sept. 10 in connection with a report of a man with a knife.

When he got to the area, he saw a man matching the description of the suspect sitting on a wall near Speedway Central, 1223 E. Hwy. 66. As he approached him, the man, later identified as Yazzie, got up and started walking away.

Madrid told him to stop, which only made him walk faster. As he walked away, Madrid said he saw him trying to reach inside his pants, so he ordered him several times to show his hands and stop.

Madrid said Yazzie then ran into Speedway Central, going to the back. As he did, Madrid said he saw him throw something into one of the back rooms before he stopped and turned around, walking toward him. At that point, backup arrived and the two officers were able to take Yazzie into custody.

Police later found a long kitchen steak knife where Yazzie was seen throwing something from his pants.

Madrid then had a chance to meet with Ranch Gonzales, who said he had gone into Speedway to buy something. As he was returning to his vehicle, he discovered that someone had dented his car.

Yazzie was standing near his car, but when he went to confront him about the dent, he said Yazzie pulled out the steak knife, and Gonzales backed away and called police. He estimated it would cost about $2,500 to repair this damage to his car.



Gallup, Sept. 10

A domestic dispute led to the arrest of a Gallup woman Sept. 10.

Gallup Patrolman Justin Foster said he was dispatched to a residence in the 200 block of East Coal Avenue at about 10:30 pm along with another officer.

When he got there, he saw Malcolm Kahe with a torn shirt and blood on his body. While the other officer interviewed him, Foster said he talked to Michelle Kahe to find out what happened.

She told him she saw Christine Kahe, 50, of Gallup, and Malcolm Kahe yelling at each other and shoving each other in the living room. She said she then saw Christine Kahe punching Malcolm Kahe.

Christine Kahe told police that the two got into an argument and she got so upset that she shoved him. She also admitted that she had been arrested before in Flagstaff for domestic violence.

Since Malcolm Kahe was the one with visible injuries, Christina Kahe was arrested on domestic violence charges.



Gallup, Sept. 10

Leonard Miller Jr. was arrested in the parking lot of the Gallup Police Department after his wife complained she had been the victim of domestic abuse.

Veronica Miller told police that her husband had been abusive to her during their trip to Gallup from their Ganado home about 7 am on Sept. 10.

She said that Leonard Miller, 45, of Gallup, had been angry since he woke up because of the passing of an ex-girlfriend. She said before they left for Gallup he had grabbed her by the left forearm, which had left a mark that was still visible when he was arrested.

She said that he continued to yell at her and their daughter all the way to Gallup telling them he was going to go away and leave them with nothing to live on. After they dropped their daughter off, Leonard Miller told her to take him to their bank so he could get some money out. She says she asked for money later to pick up their daughter and get gas to return home.

At that point she said her husband started yelling at her and calling her names. She said she became scared and started driving to the police station, as he began pulling her hair. She said he may also have hit her as she pulled into the parking lot. She was able to make contact with a police officer and filed a complaint.

Since he made comments about wanting to die so he could see his ex-girlfriend again, police transported him to the Gallup Medical Indian Center for an evaluation. When he was given medical clearance, he was taken to the county jail and booked on domestic violence charges.



Gallup, Sept. 10

A dispute between neighbors at a Gallup trailer park on Sept. 10 resulted in one of the neighbors going to jail for aggravated assault.

Marisol Chavez told police that Chelsea McCabe, 27, of Gallup, had come up to her trailer as she and her mother were outside smoking a cigarette. She yelled at them, claiming they were responsible for getting her evicted from the trailer park.

Chavez said McCabe then ran back into her trailer and came back out carrying a kitchen knife and threatened them with it. Chavez said she then told McCabe to throw down the knife and fight her. McCabe then threw the knife on her porch and the two began fighting and pulling each other’s hair until police arrived.

Police found the knife on McCabe’s porch. A Swiss Army knife was found on her person when she was patted down. McCabe was arrested and transported to McKinley County Adult Detention Center for booking.



Gallup, Sept. 10


A Tohlakai man was arrested on Sept. 10 after being found asleep in a Gallup home that was up for sale.

The complaint came from Mike Mazel, who works for a local realtor. He said he had come to check on the property at about 8 am, since the owner was out of town. He discovered that the front door had been kicked in and then found a man, identified later as Edman Touchin, 46, of Tohlakai, asleep in one of the bedrooms.

He said he woke Touchin up and told him to leave. Then he called police, who found Touchin intoxicated standing in the bedroom. He said he stayed in the house the night before after a man he called Jaime invited him.

Police checked the rest of the house and found no one else in the building. The damage to the door was estimated at $500. Touchin was transported to the county jail and booked on breaking and entering charges.