Weekly Police Activity Reports



Gallup, Sept. 6

McKinley County Sheriff deputies began looking for a blue Dodge Ram in the early hours of Sept. 6 after they received a report that it had been stolen.

Deputies were also told of a suspect - Anthony Joe, 20, of Gallup.

Later that day, Deputy Johnson Lee was traveling on County Road 5 when he spotted the vehicle. He put on his emergency lights and stopped the vehicle near the intersection of County Road 5 and Highway 118.

He identified the driver as Anthony Joe and said he advised Joe that the vehicle had been reported stolen. Joe said the vehicle belonged to his grandfather.

Lee said attempts were made to get in contact with the registered owner, but they were unsuccessful, so Joe was taken to the county jail and booked.



Gallup, Sept. 5

A Gamerco man was arrested on Sept. 5 for violating a restraining order filed against him.

McKinley County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to the Grand Canyon Trailer Park about 1:30 pm after receiving a report of someone seeing a man beat up on a woman and drag her back inside the trailer.

When they got there, they found Mitchell Coldwell, 30, inside. He was ordered to come outside and when he did, deputies were able to verify that he had a restraining order filed against him that was still in effect.

He told deputies that he had come to get a change of clothes and see his children. Syrita Jim, who was in the trailer at the time, said the person who got the restraining order was not at home. She said she called that person and she said it was okay for him to be there.

Jim said she and Coldwell did get into an argument, but it never became physical. Coldwell was taken to the county jail and booked.



Gallup, Aug. 27

Gallup Patrolman Dominic Molina was driving around the area of Sports Page on South at Second Street about 2 pm on Aug. 27 when he saw Delbert Hicks, 62, of Yah-Ta-Hey. He knew Hicks had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

As he approached him, he said Hicks ran under a pickup and attempted to hide. Molina, however, got him to come out and Molina began putting handcuffs on him, when he swung one of his hands and made contact with Molina.

Hicks managed to get free and began running in the direction of the back of the Bishop Optical business. He ran inside and began looking for an exit only to be tripped by a man in a striped shirt, causing him to fall to the ground.

He was placed under arrest and taken to a local hospital after he complained of pain. Once he received a medical clearance by doctors there, he was transported to the county jail and booked on charges ranging from resisting arrest to battery on a police officer.



Gallup, Aug. 26

A Ganado teenager is now facing multiple charges in connection with a break-in of a storage shed on South Woodrow Drive.

Gallup Patrolman Jason Walley said he met Carl Menini on Aug. 26 concerning the break-in at his storage shed during the past couple of days. Among the items that were taken, he said, were 18 bottles of foreign wine valued at $270 and 72 rolls of toilet paper.

There were no suspects at the time, but later in the day Walley said he was investigating another burglary when he came across Mikhale Begay, 19, behind Alpine Lumber chewing on a wine bottle cork. Next to Begay was a bag containing five bottles of the wine that was reported to have been stolen.

Before he could handcuff him, Begay ran away and Walley said he pursued him, but he got away. A few hours later, Walley and another officer found Begay walking northbound on North Third Street and another chase began. This time he did not escape.

When he was captured, Begay had a glass pipe in his hand, the kind Walley said was commonly used to smoke meth. He was taken to the county jail where he was charged with resisting arrest, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of stolen property and concealing identity.


Fight in the park

Gallup, Aug. 23

Gallup Police responded on Aug. 23 to a reported fight in progress in the area of Viro Circle Park.

When they got to the scene, they found Thomas Lee Jr. of Mentmore lying on the ground. He was breathing and moving his head slowly.

A witness to the fight said he saw a man in a yellow shirt punching and kicking Lee while he was on the ground. Lee had blood coming from his face and head.

Metro Dispatch put out the word that a man in a yellow shirt was seen running near the Rainbow Bread building on Arnold Street. A short time later he was arrested by Lt. Roseanne Morrissette.

He was identified as Dallas Lee, 25, of Pinedale. When asked by a patrolman why he had blood on him, he just laughed and said you know why. He then admitted he beat up Thomas Lee and was arrested for aggravated assault.



Gallup, Aug. 23

Gallup patrolman Thomas Houser responded to a request for police assistance about 2 pm on Aug. 23 from someone at the La Quinta Inn on East Highway 66.

When he got to the scene, he saw a woman matching the description given to him by Metro Dispatch and went up to her. As he did, he heard her ask him why he was bothering her. The woman was identified as Adrianna Wren, 29, of Albuquerque.

She had a cart and was trying to get into a car. House told her to step toward his unit, but she turned and started walking away.

House said he tried to grab her hands, but she swung one of them toward him and hit him in the chest. He grabbed one of her hands, but she managed to get loose and swing at him again, making slight contact with his chest.

House said he was finally able to get handcuffs on her and led her to his unit.

A witness then came up to him and said she saw Wren spray painting the parking lot with white spray paint. A search of her cart found a white paint spray can. The witness said she also saw Wren try to break into a car using a knife.

Wren was transported to the county jail where she was charged with assault on a police officer, damage to private property, and burglary of a vehicle.