Garreitt S. Lansing

June 15, , 11:36pm

DWI (1st)

On June 15, Gallup Police Ofc. Thomas House was in the parking lot of the Rio West Mall for a special event, when he was approached by a man who said a silver Jeep with N. M. plates hit his vehicle in the parking lot of the Cultural Center by the skate park and followed it to the parking lot of the mall.  The man pointed to the jeep.

House drove over and engaged his emergency lights behind the Jeep.  But the vehicle did not stop.  It continued traveling slowly in the parking lot.

After Ofc. Justin Foster pulled in front of the jeep, the driver stopped. The driver handed his keys to Foster. House said he smelled alcohol coming from the vehicle’s interior.  When the driver came closer, House could smell alcohol on the driver’s breath.

The driver had a cast on his right leg. He was placed in the back of House’s unit.

The complaining male filled out a witness form.

The driver identified himself as Garreitt S. Lansing.  When Lansing stepped out of the police unit, he fell to the ground and complained of back pain.  He was unable to stay upright on both feet and was determined to be unable to perform a Standardized Field Sobriety Test.

He agreed to a breath test and blew a 0.21/0.21. After the breath test he was taken to the Gallup Indian Medical Center for a clearance.  After that, he was taken to county jail where he was processed and booked.


Johnny Santiago Montano

June 16, 0:51 am

Aggravated DUI/Careless Driving

Gallup Police Ofc. Timo Molina spotted a red Chevrolet Malibu driving past the intersection of Second Street and Maloney Avenue at a high rate of speed. He activated his emergency equipment and tried to pull the vehicle over.  But it did not stop.

Molina said that while following the car, his unit reached 85 mph and was not keeping pace. Molina maintained sight of the car, while Ofc. Richard Rangel III conducted a traffic stop using a public address speaker.

The man who identified himself as Johnny Santiago Montano, said he was trying to get to his grandma’s house.  He had bloodshot, watery eyes and smelled of alcohol. He said he had some Listerine before he was pulled over.

Molina attempted to conduct Standard Field Sobriety Tests, however Montano said he wanted to terminate the tests after only a couple of them had been performed.  Molina placed Montano under arrest for driving under the influence.

Montano refused the breath test.

Molina spoke with the passenger in the vehicle who said Montano had one 12 ounce can of Budweiser beer at about 10 pm.