Weekly Police Activity Reports



Gallup, April 8

Gallup Police are investigating the robbery of a local business in which several thousand dollars worth of items were taken.

Angel Hernandez reported the items being stolen from Big Bear Beads, 988 North Ninth St., sometime during the night of April 8. Entry was made in the rear of the building. He said when he entered the building, he could also see that a rear wall had been damaged.

An investigation determined that the suspect or suspects had gotten into a room used by the owner for his vehicles, several of which had been vandalized and things had been stolen, including computers, camping gear, tools and generators. No suspects have been reported.



Gallup, April 7

Gallup Police are investigating a carjacking and kidnapping that occurred on April 7 near the Stagecoach area of town.

Jaylene Tso, of Gallup, said she was driving home a little after midnight and had stopped the car belonging to her boyfriend at the intersection of Ninth Street and Jefferson Avenue when a man opened the driver’s seat door and pushed her toward the center console.

The man, dressed all in black, then began driving the vehicle, telling her if she screamed, she would be shot. He drove for some time and then stopped the car, at which time he and another man began removing electronic gear that belonged to her boyfriend and was kept in the back of the car.

She said she was again told not to scream and after awhile, she could no longer hear the two talking, so she took that opportunity to get out of the vehicle and run. She managed to escape.

At first, she was so upset that she could not tell police where this all occurred, but later indicated that it was near the old Shop ‘n Save building. Later, police estimated the value of the items stolen to be about $2,200.

No suspects have been found.



Gallup, April 7

Gallup Police caught a Ramah man who was seen in an area of a business that had been burglarized, carrying a big-screen television.

Police Officer Richard Rangel III said he had been dispatched to the Glenn’s Pastry Shop on West Highway 66, at about 12:30 am April 7 because of a burglary alarm going off. As he got there, he said he saw a man later identified as Andre Williams, 32, running from the scene carrying a television.

Rangel said he gave chase. Williams soon left the television as he continued running north.  Rangel said Williams eventually stopped and began following directions. Rangel said when he returned to his unit and headed back to where the burglary had occurred, he noticed that one of the windows to the pastry shop had been broken.

Once the preliminary investigation was over, Williams was taken to the county jail where he was charged with burglary of a commercial structure and criminal damage to property.



Gallup, April 5

Gallup Police still have a lot of questions about what happened to a Mentmore man on April 5 and how he came to be stabbed several times.

City police officer Nicola Martinez said she was dispatched about 11 pm to South Second Street because of a man reported to be bleeding, possibly from an assault. When she got there, she met Edgar Tracy, who appeared to have several puncture wounds on his body and head.

She also saw that Tracy’s pants had their pockets pushed out as if someone pulled them out to see what was inside. When she asked Tracy what happened, he had no answer for the incident.

Police were able to find blood spatters in the area indicating there was a struggle but there were no witnesses and no suspect was ever located.  The wounds turned out to be non-life threatening, and when Martinez interviewed Tracy later, he still refused to cooperate.



Gallup, April 5

Two juveniles were placed under arrest for burglary after they were seen leaving a home on Julie Drive that had just been burglarized.

The two juveniles were identified as Kyle Thompson, 16, of Vanderwagen and Eyan Jamon, 16, no address given. Both were later released to the custody of relatives.

According to police, Thomson had stopped shortly after being chased by police, but Jamon continued running and was later picked up by police. When Thompson gave himself up, he was asked what he was doing and he responded by saying he was robbing a house.

The homeowner, John Haynes, said when he returned to his home after doing his errands, he found someone in his kitchen who said he was hiding from his friends. Haynes said he left the teen in the kitchen to search the rest of his house and when he returned, the kitchen was empty.

Police found a quantity of jewelry on one of the suspects which was later traced to the Haynes residence.