Weekly Police Activity Reports



12/26, Gallup

The Gallup Police Department is investigating a report of a car burglary at 1516 E. Hwy 66 in which a Gamerco woman reported a stolen purse.

The victim said she was at work at about 11 pm Dec. 26, when she noticed her car had been broken into. She said she had been to the car about an hour before and, at that time, it was all right.

The victim said her purse had been on the passenger seat and contained her driver’s license and some paperwork.

Police checked out the vehicle and found one of the windows had been busted and there was glass covering the front seats. The weapon used to break the window was not found.



12/26, Gallup

Gallup police are looking for a suspect in a robbery and battery that took place Dec. 26.

GPD Patrolman Daniel Brown said he was dispatched to the Zia Motel, 915 E. Hwy 66, at about 10 pm and talked to a woman who was staying with her father at the motel. She said she had gone out to buy something to drink at a store and while walking back, she was approached by a group of individuals who asked her to go with them.

She said one if the members of the group, a female, punched her in the face several times and attempted to choke her. The woman then stole her key and a hamburger she had bought at the store, as well as about $10 in cash.

The victim gave police a description of the female, and about two hours later, a woman matching the description was found walking on East Highway 66. Euronika Descheny, 27, told police her sister was arguing with the woman and the two had gotten into a fight.

Brown reported that Descheny was intoxicated and when he checked, he found she had a bench warrant out for her arrest. She was placed under arrest. Her sister was not located.



12/25, Gallup

Gallup police are trying to locate a pickup truck that was stolen on Christmas.

GPD Patrolman Adrian Quetawki said he spoke to a woman at her residence on Sandstone Street at about 8 pm Dec. 25. She said her boyfriend was about to leave and was warming up his car when a white vehicle pulled up behind it and a man from the vehicle jumped out, ran to her boyfriend’s truck and got into the driver’s seat.

The woman said her boyfriend ran to his truck and began to pull the man out when another man from the white car hit him over the head with a pole. Both men then got into the pickup and began driving away.

The woman said she then saw her boyfriend jump into the bed of the truck as it sped off, followed by the white vehicle. She said she tried to call her boyfriend but he did not answer.

As she was finishing her report, Quetawki said he received word from Metro Dispatch that the boyfriend had called and said he was at the White Cliffs Mobile Home Park. Quetawki said when he arrived at the trailer park, the boyfriend had a towel wrapped around his head.

The boyfriend said when he jumped into the bed of the pickup, the two men inside continued to drive away. When they got on Highway 66, they began to drive and stop very hard in an effort to get him to fall out of the truck.

When that failed, the two in the truck kept going and turned onto County Road 5 before stopping.

The two men got out of the pickup as their other vehicle came up and stopped. The boyfriend said a man got out of that vehicle with a gun in his waistband.

The three men told him to get out of the truck or they would kill him. He said he got out of the truck and the two vehicles sped away on County Road 5. He said he then walked to the trailer park until he found someone who would let him in to call the police.

Quetawki said attempts to find the vehicle were unsuccessful.



12/25, Gallup

A 35-year-old Gallup woman died Christmas night in a one-vehicle accident.

The woman was identified as Joy Marie Madrid. She died at the scene.

GPD Patrolman Ivan Tsethlikai said he was dispatched to Mendoza Road, where he found Madrid pinned under the passenger side floorboard. Other police were searching for more people who may have been in the vehicle but no one was found.

Police later found liquor bottles in the vehicle.

Gallup firefighters removed Madrid from the car and she was transported to a Gallup mortuary.



12/23, Gallup

A Thoreau woman and a Mentmore man reported being assaulted Dec. 23.

When GPD Patrolman Justin Foster arrived at the scene, a parking lot at 502 Dani Dr., he met with a man and a woman.

The man said he was standing outside when another man came up to him and began punching him in the face. He said he tried to defend himself but the man kept hitting him. He said his sister saw him being hit and tried to pull the man off him.

The woman told Foster the man started hitting her and she fell to the ground. The man then left the area.

Foster reported that the two were extremely intoxicated. He said he noticed the woman had several bruises on her and she was later transported to a Gallup hospital for treatment.

Foster said the two kept changing their accounts of how many people were in the group that attacked the brother. At first, it was two males and one female, and then it was only one male and a female, so Foster said he was uncertain what really happened.

The woman said she didn’t want to press charges, so Foster said he would only make a report.




Gallup police are investigating a break-in that occurred on Remington Drive Dec. 22.

The victim told police that when he returned home, he found his front door unlocked and scratches on the frame. A brown bag was found inside the building that apparently belonged to the robber, but nothing was found inside the bag.

The victim said the only items stolen were five cell phones and an X-box.




A break-in was reported Dec. 22 at the Flame of the Fire Church, 1025 W. Lincoln Ave.

A man told police he was about to open up the building for services when he noticed a broken window with a pallet under it. The only item reported to be missing was about $10 in goods.

The man estimated it would cost about $300 to repair the window.

There are no suspects.



12/13, Gallup

An arrest warrant has been issued for Gregory Maldonado in connection with a Dec. 13 burglary at a Gallup motel.

The victim, who lives in Window Rock, said he was staying at a motel on East Highway 66. He said he was sleeping when he heard his door open and a man come inside.

The man, later identified as Maldonado, took items from his wallet and left. The victim followed him, and once outside, he noticed the man was wearing one of his sweaters. He said he got the man to return his sweater but then the man went into another room.

The victim said he followed the man to another room at the motel, where he saw another man who was carrying a machete. There was a third man who the victim said pepper sprayed him.

Police learned that Maldonado was a former employee of the motel. A clerk at the motel said she saw Maldonado in the parking lot earlier in the evening and asked what he was doing there. He told her he came to visit a friend who was staying at the motel.



12/13, Gallup

A Gallup man reported Dec. 13 that someone had managed to steal money from his bank account.

The man told police he had an account at a local bank and had ordered some new checks. He said on Dec. 6, he went to check his mail and found nothing in his mailbox, which he said was unusual because he gets mail every day.

A few days later, he noticed that two checks, each for $500, had been cashed at the bank. He said the signatures on the checks were forgeries.

Gallup police took the report, but so far, no arrests have been reported.



12/12, Gallup

A Gallup man reported he was robbed and beaten up Dec. 12 as he was walking.

The man told police he was walking in a field near the Desert Skies Motel when a skinny Native American came up to him, punched him in his face and knocked him out. He said when he woke up, he discovered his wallet was missing.

The victim reportedly said he did not know long he was knocked out. As for the wallet, he said it contained a number of things, including two debit cards and about $100 in cash.

Police said they had none suspects.