Weekly Police Activity Reports



8/12, Ramah

McKinley County Sheriff deputies were dispatched to the El Morro Market in Ramah about 11 am on Aug. 12 in reference to a burglary.

The manager of the store, Emily Richmond, said when she entered the building earlier that morning she noticed that the cash register was missing and there were some peanut shells on the floor.

She said she tried calling the store owner but there was no phone service, and no electricity.

Deputies were not able to determine how entry to the store was made. About $800 was reported missing. There are no suspects.



8/11, Gallup

Two men, both from the Mentmore area, were arrested after police began receiving reports that they were throwing rocks at cars on U.S. Highway 66.

Curtis Naswood, 28, was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Nathan Naswood, 18, was charged with resisting arrest and assault on a police officer. He also has an outstanding bench warrant.

The two were arrested on Aug. 11 after City Police Officer John Gonzales saw them leaving the area where the rock throwing incident was reported. When the two saw the officer, they reportedly began running in different directions.

Gonzales went after Curtis Naswood and had taken him into custody when Nathan Naswood reportedly came back and lunged toward him, trying to hit him. Gonzales said he threatened to taser him, which resulted him in running away again.

He was later caught by another police officer who arrived at the scene and saw him trying to crawl out of a ditch.



8/9, Thoreau

Deputies were dispatched to the Thoreau Baptist Church on the morning of Aug. 9 in connection with a burglary there.

The suspects had pried off security bars on one of the east side windows and had also kicked in a door on the eastside. The staff said that the person or persons who entered the church had taken an apple sauce container and threw it against the wall.

There was no immediate sign that anything had been taken. There are no suspects.



8/9, Yahtahey

The McKinley County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a break-in that occurs in Aug. 9 at the Navajo Injury Law Center located in Yah-Ta-Hey.

Staff there had found a shattered window when they came to work that day as well as papers scattered in all of the rooms. The only items that were reported to have been stolen were a computer monitor, a B.B. pellet gun and a vacuum cleaner.

Deputies discovered traces of blood on the window and some footprints outside. There are no suspects.



8/8, Gallup

Clarence Sampson, 48, of Gamerco was charged with battery for beating up a woman.

City police were responding to a domestic violence call on Aug. 8 when they saw Sampson and Andrea Davis standing on the corner of Third Street and Wilson Avenue.

Davis told police that she had been walking when she was approached by Sampson who began an argument during which he threw her to the concrete ground and punched her several times in the face. Police observed that she had a large knot on the back of her head.

Sampson was placed under arrest and transported to the county jail.



8/8, Gallup

A Tsayatoh woman was arrested after she reportedly was caught trying to steal the purse of another woman.

Rose Cadman, 47, was charged with robbery.

City police were dispatched to the 200 block of West Wilson Avenue on Aug. 8 where they met Charlene Morgan and two security officers who had Cadman in custody.

Morgan said at first she had been hanging out with Cadman all day but then changed her story to say that Carman came out of nowhere and hit her in the face before stealing her purse and then handing it over to a man.

The security guards managed to stop the man, who was not arrested, and Cadman, holding them until police arrived. Cadman, when interviewed, said Morgan was lying and she did not steal her purse, even though this was contradicted by witness statements.



8/5, Gallup

A St. Michaels man was charged with battery on a police officer after he hit a Gallup police officer on Aug. 5.

When GPD Officer Adrian Quatawki arrived at the scene, he found Paul Warner, 27, who said he was angry because he was coming from the Furniture Plaza business in an effort to get paid for the work he did the day before. At that time, the manager of the business came out and the two began arguing with the owner saying he wanted Warner to work but he showed up drunk.

Quatawki walked Warner over to his unit and asked where he was going. Warner said his cousin from Mariano Lake was picking him up and Quatawki said he could not wait that long.

Warner began raising his voice so Quatawki said he was going to check him for weapons. Warner resisted and began tensing up his body, refusing to calm down. Eventually, Quatawki said he had to take him to the ground and while doing that, Warner reportedly hit the officer on the right side of the face with his elbow.



8/3, Gallup

A Church Rock woman is now facing charges after she refused to follow orders to stay away from a Gallup gas station.

Sharon Tolino, 31, was charged on Aug. 3 with trespassing, resisting arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia.

City police responded to calls from management at the Giant Gas Station twice that day because of Tolino, who came onto the property and began cursing at customers after being banned from there because of past conduct.

The first time, she managed to walk away without being caught. But on the second occasion, police found her sitting down near the gas station and officers converged upon her from two different directions so she couldn’t escape.

During a search for weapons, police found a glass pipe with residue inside.



8/2, Gallup

Gallup Police Officer John Gonzales said he was dispatched to the 600 block of Scott Drive on Aug. 2 because of a report that Steve Lopez was threatening family members with a firearm.

Lopez’s parents told police that Lopez came to their front door carrying a rifle. His mother said she looked at the rifle and backed into the house, locking the front door.

At that point, they said, Lopez, 45, of Gallup began loading bullets into the rifle and started threatening to shoot up the house. When they said they were going to call police, he reportedly yelled back he was going to leave and rob people.

He also yelled that when he came back, he hoped they would all be dead, according the police report. Lopez also had a restraining order against him not to be at the house.

Lopez was still there when police arrived. They also found the loaded long gun concealed on his person. He also had a loaded pellet gun on him as well.

He was charged with aggravated assault of a household member, aggravated assault, unlawful carrying of a firearm and violating a restraining order.