Schaller's Politically Incorrect Lexicon: A Navigation Guide To The PC Cultures of Mckinley County NM (and planet earth )



RACIAL TOLERANCE INDEX: Racist? Compared to what? In a global research project the World Values Survey studied 80 countries over three decades revealing the most and least racially tolerant. The United States ranks as the most tolerant along with Canada, United Kingdom and Australia although our status has recently declined. For the dregs of racial intolerance try India, Egypt, Iran, Korea or France.

RACISM: Prejudice and discrimination based in social perceptions of biological differences between peoples. The notion that one’s race determines one’s identity. It is the belief that one’s convictions, values and character are determined not by the judgment of one’s mind or by one’s content of character but by one’s anatomy or “blood.”

RACIALISM: Consistently acting under the assumption that the actions of others are racially motivated whenever they concern members of separate races.

INSTITUTIONAL RACISM: Any system of inequality based on race such as affirmative action, tribal membership or Southern democrat Jim Crow laws prior to the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

PRIVILEGE THEORY: Some are more equal than others. Despite Asian-American achievement levels far greater than whites, privilege theory is still almost exclusively ‘white privilege’. When demographic correlations are analyzed though the primary indicator of achievement and happiness is ‘raised by biological mother and father privilege’.

CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE: Refers to which class or collective identity you have been assigned. Are you a member of an ‘official victim’ class or an ‘official oppressor’ class. Are you to be sympathized with or vilified.

THE RACE CARD: Falsely accusing another person of being a racist in order to gain some sort of advantage. Similarly, the gender card and the class card.

RACE-BAITING: The unfair use of statements about race to try to influence the actions or attitudes of a particular group of people.

RACE HUSTLER: Individual who projects self into the media spotlight as spokesperson for a racial group in order to exploit a racial situation to serve their own interests.

SHAKEDOWN: The act of taking something from someone by using threats or deception.

GRIEVANCE INDUSTRY: Opportunistic activists, agitators and lawyers profiting from false claims of racial, gender, class and environmental injustice.

DEMOCRATIC PARTY HISTORY OF RACISM: The pro-slavery party of Jim Crow laws and the Ku Klux Klan opposed all civil rights legislation of the 1950s and 60s.

ANTI-SEMITISM: Primarily class envy.  In the dark recesses of the human psyche we are so screwed up by the Jewish people’s intellect, talent, wealth and resilience that the poison of envy dominates.

STEREOTYPING: One of the symptoms of groupthink. A stereotype is a preconceived notion, usually exaggerated or oversimplified, about a group of people. They can be negative or positive and not necessarily inaccurate. Examples: The rich are greedy. Jews are successful, intelligent and skilled negotiators. PC liberals act on bleeding-heart emotion rather than intellect.

IDENTITY POLITICS: Political activity or movements based on or catering to the cultural, ethnic, gender, racial, religious, class or social interests that characterize a group identity. Gender warfare, class envy and racial division are all examples of identity politics.

WARFARE SOCIOLOGY: The neo-Marxist way of looking at things thru the lens of identity class war. Rich over poor, capital over labor, whites over blacks, men over women, heterosexuals over homosexuals. Everywhere they look they see classism, racism and sexism.

ACTIVIST CHARACTER BULLYING: Spreading the idea that anyone opposing your agenda should be hated. Activist bullies try to frame the narrative through attacks on your character that take the form of name-calling, heated rhetoric and intimidation with generous use of identity politics. If you object to tax hikes, you hate the poor. If you promote traditional marriage, you are homophobic.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: Political correctness in the form of institutionalized racism. An unconstitutional form of reverse discrimination that sets racial quotas, and judges a person’s credentials by race rather than merit.

PSEUDOFEMINISM: Feminism which encourages women to think in terms of weakness and helplessness, in need of rescue by an external entity providing special privileges rather than equal opportunity. Physical, intellectual and emotional deviations of men and women resulting from divergent X and Y chromosomes are ignored. Adopting male characteristics is encouraged.

SEXUAL LIBERATION and CASUAL SEX: Components of the 1960s to 70s women’s liberation movement allowing men to finally get what they had long wanted.

BIMBO ERUPTION: A term coined by the 1992 Bill Clinton campaign in response to numerous accusations of illicit sexual behavior and harassment including Juanita Broaddrick’s rape allegation. Hillary Clinton now maintains we should believe such accusations without question.

GENDER WAGE GAP MYTH: Several studies including the US Department of Labor reveal the 23-cent wage gap is actually five to six cents and even that is primarily due to negotiation skills.

WAR ON MEN: 94% of industrial accidents, 92% of occupational fatalities, 97% of combat deaths-casualties, 90% of homeless, 80% of suicides, under 42% of college enrollment, 10% awarded child custody, half as likely to commit child abuse as mothers, big losers in Obamacare premiums, female sexual assault victims declined by 58% from 1994 to 2010, less than half the federal funding for prostate cancer research as for breast, and lastly since 1973 average full-time earnings have decreased compared to 32% increase for women.

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