Schaller’s Politically Incorrect Lexicon


Part 1 in a Series

A NAVIGATION GUIDE TO THE PC CULTURES OF MCKINLEY COUNTY NM (and planet earth) Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crimestoppers at (505) 722-6161. Anonymous tips welcome. Sacred cows beware! I present a list of words, terms, expressions, facts, myths and definitions which are likely foreign to most who live in Gallup. What I consider to be a socialist laboratory, McKinley County is one of the most leftist progressive regions in the nation and political correctness reigns supreme over a complicit media, academia, elected officials and bureaucracy. For each of those societal institutions my lexicon guide is an essential educational tool and resource to break the cycle of cultural indoctrination.


ENABLING: Removing the natural consequences of someone’s behavior, thus perpetuating or exacerbating a problem.

ENABLER: One that enables another to persist in self-destructive behavior by making it possible to avoid the consequences of such behavior.

EARNED SUCCESS: Productive effort is linked to life satisfaction. Free enterprise empowers people to earn success and thereby achieve happiness. Money is merely a measure, not a source, of earned success.

LEARNED HELPLESSNESS: The opposite of earned success. It is the result of rewards and punishments not tied to merit; people simply give up and stop trying to succeed.

FISH METAPHOR: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime, and for some, sit in a boat all day and drink beer.

PERVERSE INCENTIVE: An unintended and undesirable result which is contrary to the interests of the incentive makers. Examples are welfare dependency leading to family breakdown leading to dysfunctional lives. On a grander scale the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) was a perverse incentive which brought about the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis and economic collapse.

LAW OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES: Murphy’s Law of government intervention. Perverse unexpected effects of government legislation and regulation of free market capitalism. Example: the American Disabilities Act resulted in declines in disabled employment.

FATHERLESS CHILDREN: America’s number one cause of societal breakdown, often caused by government perverse incentives. Children and adults raised in broken homes exhibit highly elevated occurrences of domestic abuse, school drop-outs and underachievement, promiscuity, teen pregnancy and abortion, gang participation, criminal activity, depression, suicide, unemployment, poverty, domestic violence, divorce, substance abuse, personality disorders, relationship problems, identity crises, bullying, anxiety disorders and eating disorders. McKinley County has one of America’s highest rates of fatherless children.

CODEPENDENCY: The idea of being overly involved in another person’s life-- having a constant preoccupation with the other person’s behavior and feeling unnecessarily guilty when not taking care of the other person’s needs. Government codependency feeds the welfare addict’s needs while feeding their own addictive need to spend.

EMPOWERMENT: A panacea pushed by social workers and governmental agencies onto underachievers. More often than not empowerment crosses the thin line into enabling.

TOUGH LOVE: Promotion of a person’s welfare by enforcing certain constraints on them, or requiring them to take responsibility for their actions. Politically, a policy designed to encourage self-help by restricting state benefits. Also, authoritative parenting for development of preferred character traits.

WORKFARE: Requires able-bodied adults to work or train in order to receive welfare.

ALCOHOLISM SPONTANEOUS REMISSION or NATURAL RECOVERY: Every disease has a spontaneous remission rate. For the common cold it is 100%. The NIAAA and Harvard University report 75% to 80% of people recovering from alcohol dependency do so without seeking any kind of help including specialty alcohol rehab programs and AA.

GLORIFIED FLOPHOUSE: A flophouse is a cheap hotel, rooming house or just a place to ‘crash’ for the night. Gallup’s NCI alcohol rehab has served that purpose with free room and board for up to 60 days while providing a social experience as well for those escaping the socio-economic squalor and boredom of the reservation. I would even classify NCI as well as some other charitable establishments in Gallup as enablers of self-destructive lifestyles.

VICTIM MENTALITY: Regarding oneself as a victim of the negative actions of others, even in the absence of clear evidence. Passive-aggressive characteristics are commonly displayed. Behavior is of a self-defeating, almost masochistic quality. Also known as a persecution complex.

FREELOADER: A person who takes advantage of other people’s generosity without giving anything in return.

SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT: If someone has a sense of entitlement, the person believes he deserves certain privileges – and he’s arrogant about it.

CULTURE OF ENTITLEMENT: Suggests that many people now have highly unreasonable expectations about what they are entitled to.

ENTITLEMENTS VS HANDOUTS: People receiving entitlements (Social Security, Medicare, Veterans Affairs) have contributed to the entitlement programs, whereas people receiving handouts (welfare, food stamps, free housing etc) have not contributed a fair share, and in fact are taking the monies from the people that are contributing a fair share.