Maybe We Should Eliminate All Symbols of Socialism


Gallup’s PCP (politically correct police) recently created a fervor of outrage by taking umbrage to a tiny Buddhist symbol of peace (as well as other benign historical uses), a sawaustika, placed among other symbols on the Spaniard coat of arms El Morro Theater logo. It looks like a propeller or whirligig to me but apparently some associate it with the German symbol of National Socialism, the swastika, although backwards. The city reacted quickly, amending the perceived micro-aggression by removing the entire coat of arms, leaving only the lettering.

There has been a long tradition of iconoclastic forceful elimination of symbols of oppression, both political and religious, from 8th Century Hindu temples to numerous regimes such as the Russian communist revolution to present day political correctness in America. Intimidation by way of witch hunts and lynch mobs are also effective ways of eliminating symbols.

Allow me to hop aboard the bandwagon of political correctness for a little while. What exactly does the Nazi swastika represent? The uber-liberal National Socialist Party aka Nazi in 1930s Germany supported gun control, abortion, euthanasia, nationalized labor unions, universal health care, environmental justice and regulation, expropriation of property for the common good, public school propaganda and indoctrination, politicized media, affirmative action, heavy progressive taxation, redistribution of wealth and crony corporatism (economic fascism), while opposing free market capitalism and individual freedoms.

The requirement for enacting socialist policies is a commitment to force. Ever since the 18th Century French revolution socialism, not just the Nazi version has been responsible for the suffering and genocide of countless millions of mankind, all with the good intentions of social justice. I suppose it’s reasonable for us to eliminate all historical as well as modern symbols and connections to socialism.

We shouldn’t stop with just those symbols resembling swastikas, communist hammer and sickles or socialist mass murderers the likes of Che Guevara and Mao Tse-tung though. The Confederate flag has recently been banned since it is perceived by many to represent racism and the oppression of slavery. Why not eliminate all pro-slavery symbols of all the cults and parties, which have supported multicultural racial segregation?

One massive organization in America was pro-slavery, creator of racist Jim Crow laws, responsible for all three incarnations of the Ku Klux Klan, opposed all civil rights legislation into the mid-1960s and then proceeded to enslave Americans in welfare dependency which led to devastating impacts to black and American Indian families, creating a vicious cycle of poverty. That organization was and is the Democratic Party. Combined with their socialist agenda there lies a strong argument to eliminate all historical symbols associated with democrats. Should not political correctness demand it? Where’s the PCP?

PC outrage is selective to a particular sociopolitical ideology though and I have likely jeopardized my chair position on the PC bandwagon of intolerance. Stark and inconvenient reality takes a back seat on that bus.

Hopefully there won’t be any outrage over perceived Hispanic stereotypes, cultural appropriation or micro-aggressions associated with ‘el morro.’ To play it safe the city might just want to go with ‘THEATER.’