Council Covers Six Items in Regular Meeting


There was one Ordinance, one conversion to full time for a city employee, and approval of a Participation and Security Agreement, A Resolution, Lodgers’ Tax Funding for 2016, and a second Resolution of a different matter up for discussion at the City Council meeting on Jan. 26.

The Ordinance, #S2016-1 authorizes the execution and Delivery of a Water Project Fund Loan/Grant Agreement by and between the NM Finance Authority and the City of Gallup. This ordinance was presented by Vince Tovar, Director, Gallup Water and Sanitation. The funding amount is $4,295,167 for the planning, design and construction of Reach 27.7a and 27.13 of the Gallup Rural Navajo Water Supply Project.

Klo Abeita, the Human Resources Director, asked for council approval to convert an existing Part-Time Judicial Aide to Full-Time status at the Municipal Court due to an increasing workload. The cost to the taxpayers will be $10,624.27 for the remainder of FY2016.

Rick Snider, the General Services Director, sought approval of an Intergovernmental Project Participation Agreement and Security Agreement with the NM Economic Development Department for El Morro Theater. This is a $100,000 grant from NMEDD for the historic El Morro Theater and will provide for a minimum of two part-time jobs at the theater.

Resolution # R2016-10 was presented by Richard Matzke, Director, Gallup Electric Department, and authorized the Investment Grade Energy Audit and Project Proposal Agreement between Energy Control, Inc. (ECI)/Opterra Energy Services, and the City of Gallup. ECI will provide and investment grde energy audit of City facilities, including water, wastewater, sports field lighting and street lighting. The report will include proposed energy savings measures, project coast, and expected savings.

Chief Financial Officer Patty Holland presented a fiscal year 2016 Lodgers’ Tax Funding for events and also Resolution #R2016-9, which covered the second Quarter of fiscal year 2016 Budgt Adjustments and Report of Actuals.

Lodgers’ Tax Funding was requested for a business previously approved: 24-Hours in the Enchanted Forest (Zia Rides) for $5,000 with 750 people in attendance.

Holland also reviewed changes to the budget and submits them to council for approval each quarter. The council must then pass a resolution for all increases, decreases and transfers between funds. The report to the Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) on budget revisions is due Jan. 31, 2016. The budget proposal requested $625,760 from GF reserves and an additional $312,482 from various other funds. All funds have sufficient reserve balances.

All of the items on the agenda were approved by the City Council.