Carmen Moffett receives raise during closed session


Fellow Board of Education members granted Gallup-McKinley County Schools interim Superintendent Carmen Moffett a raise during an executive closed session Sept. 21. It appears she will continue to act as special education director and interim superintendent.

Multiple attempts were made by phone to reach Moffett. However, she has not responded as of press time.

Moffett was appointed as interim superintendent after Frank Chiapetti was placed on administrative leave last month. District 5 board member Lynn Huenemann said the investigation by Dan Patterson is ongoing.

“The [investigation] will be done soon” he said. “I’d hoped it would be done last meeting, or by the meeting before that. Hopefully by this next meeting.”

Huenemann confirmed that Moffett will receive $122,000 for the dual positions, as it does not appear she’ll step down, as special education director.

“It’s a normal salary, not a grant,” he said. “She’ll maintain her current position, still keeping her duties.”

Huenemann said he didn’t know what practices were in place, but her salary wasn’t mentioned after the board came out of closed session and announced that she was given a raise, retroactive to when she first assumed the role as interim superintendent.

“I’m not sure if it was an oversight on our part, or not common practice,” he said. “It is a matter of public record.”

District 4 board member Joe Menini said he couldn’t comment. “Speak with Nez, he’s the spokesperson for the board,” he said.

Board President Titus Nez couldn’t be reached for comment by publication date. Multiple attempts were made by phone and email without response.

Board  Secretary Priscilla Manuelito also couldn’t be reached for comment.

The Gallup-McKinley County Schools personnel office was called in an attempt to get information. Judy Jaramillo, the personnel office assistant, said she couldn’t comment on the matter.

She directed the call to Director of Human Resources Ronald Donkersloot. But, he couldn’t be reached for comment by publication deadline.