Children’s home gets big check


The Manuelito Children’s Home had plenty to celebrate on Colonel Sanders’ birthday Sept. 9.

The KFC Foundation’s Kentucky Fried Wishes program awarded the home $10,000.

The home was nominated for the grant by local Gallup KFC team members for the work they do within the community. The children’s home plans to use the funds to build a sustainable greenhouse to provide healthy fruits and vegetables for children, giving them a sense of responsibility and resourcefulness.

The Wishes program awarded 11 non profit organizations with $10,000 each in honor of KFC’s famous 11 herbs and spices.

Kentucky Fried Wishes is an independent 501c3 organization that has provided more than $20 million to more than 6,400 KFC restaurant employees and students through eeducation, hardship assistance and personal finance programs. Visit them at https://kfcfoundation.org/ourprograms/