Second hospital whistleblower wishes to remain anonymous


Turmoil continues to rock the hospital with a second whistleblower who wishes to remain an anonymous source, came forward to the Gallup Sun on July 29 with claims of structural problems within the physical facility of the Rehoboth McKinley Christian Hospital.

According to the source, areas within the hospital that are designated as sterile environments are not being kept sterile. Some of those areas were documented in pictures shown here.

The source explained that in one of these locations, where instruments and equipment are cleaned and sterilized, a clock on the wall hid a large hole and the paint was peeling on a door jamb. The source called these “infractions,” and said their existence in a sterilized space could mean the instruments and equipment could be contaminated.

In frustration when these issues were not addressed in what the source felt was a timely manner, the source wrote a letter of resignation, dated July 10, with a proposed final day of work on July 24.

The letter listed the following issues:

“Hostile work environment: Surgeons discussing political issues in the department multiple times upsetting surgery staff, surgeons not following protocols set in place before I started, surgeons yelling at myself and other staff in front of other staff and patients.

“Unsafe work environment: Air handlers out of compliance for the whole time I have been here causing our temperatures and humidity to be out of safe range along with negative pressure issues not being resolved putting staff and patients at risk, surgeons continued to do surgery stating it was normal … lack of security in the unit allowing for supplies to be taken and moved without prior authorization and non-necessary staff in sterile areas without proper attire, lack of communication and being held accountable for other department[‘]s inefficiencies.”

The source also made mention of difficulties learning the ropes on the job due to a “lack of onboarding” and a lack of training about basic hospital responsibilities.

Another objection the source made concerned the frequent employee turnover which affected the chain of command and created a hardship in determining how to proceed with orders and work assignments.

“I didn’t want to leave Gallup,” the source stated. “It’s a great community. Somebody has to say something. Somebody has to do something. It’s not fair to the residents of the community.”

The anonymous source is now working at another hospital.

By Beth Blakeman
Associate Editor