City council approves loan and grants for Navajo Gallup Water Supply Project


By Cody Begaye

Sun Correspondent

The Navajo Gallup Water Supply Project was discussed once more at the Gallup City Council regular meeting on Sept. 11.

Water and Sanitation Director Dennis Romero was present to address three items on the agenda pertaining to the NGWSP.

The first item Romero spoke for was the Water Trust Board loan and grant application for Project 10 of the NGWSP.

Project 10 includes 16-inch, 12-inch and 8-inch waterlines from the terminus of Project 3 to the City of Gallup main water system at the Cresto Tank. The waterline will run three miles in an east-west direction. Project 10 also includes a three million gallon storage tank and corresponding pump station, known as the Lyons tank and pump station.

Funding was required to submit the application to the New Mexico Water Trust Board for consideration.

The city requested up to $3.30 million from the Water Trust Board for Project 10. The figure given by Romero included a grant for $1.98 million, and a loan for $1.32 million. The budget adjustment would require the total of $3.30 million as well as annual loan payments of up to $67,746.20 after project completion.

Romero also spoke about the application for the Water Trust Board grant/loan for Project 9 from the past year’s application cycle. He said the board approve $2.49 million in funding for this coming year, which includes a grant of $1.47 million and a loan of $997,000. A budget adjustment of $2.49 million would be required upon approval, as well as annual loan payments of up to $51,187 after project completion.

Project 9 includes the installation of a 24-inch waterline from the terminus of Project 5 to the City of Gallup main water system. The waterline stretches 3.2 miles in a north-south direction.

With the city’s approval, Project 9 can begin in the March-April 2019 time frame.

The last item Romero spoke for included additional work to three change orders for construction on the NGWSP.

The change orders indicated by Romero included work on the Sacred Heart Tank, an extension of the 7A Inlet Tank Bore, and the application of Sika-Flex caulk on interior roof lap joints of tanks to guard against corrosion.

The additional work required on the three change orders will add a total of $62,805.68 to the project.

The council said they can increase the budget by the specified amount with necessary budget adjustments in revenues and expenses in Fund 306.

All three items were approved with a 5-0-0 vote.