Schaller's Politically Incorrect Lexicon: A Navigation Guide To The PC Cultures of Mckinley County NM (and planet earth )



FUEL/ENERGY POVERTY: McKinley County and the Navajo Nation’s greatest environmental health hazard. Fuel poverty is the state of being unable to afford heating one’s home adequately. Almost unknown in Europe in 2006 the World Health Organization claims renewable energy costs in Europe now take tens of thousands of lives every winter. The solution is affordable energy from fossil fuels, thus the silence of green activists.

CLIMATE COMPUTER MODEL QUANDARY (CCMQ): Climate scientists have just one method to measure global CO2 impact, computer models. Analysis of 73 computer model predictions over the past 30 years revealed an average global warming overstatement of three to four times what occurred in the real world. All 73 overshot the mark. A gambler would likely become quite wealthy by betting on the opposite of whatever predictions are made by the climate crisis industry.

MEDIEVAL & ROMAN WARM PERIODS (MWP & RWP): Numerous scientific studies reveal several centuries with global temperatures higher than our current above average temps. Warm periods are marked by agricultural booms and elevated biomass.

GLOBAL GREENING: The ‘CO2 fertilization effect’ is the fact that rising carbon dioxide levels are making plants grow better. Satellite data shows there has been roughly a 14% increase in the amount of green vegetation on the planet since 1982, especially in arid tropical areas. Reduced world malnourishment due to higher crop yields has also been measured.

LITTLE ICE AGE (LIA): 300 year global cooling anomaly circa 1500-1700 marked by agricultural and fishing decline, famine, plague and pestilence.

POLAR VORTEX: A large pocket of very cold air sitting over the polar region during the winter. ‘Proof’ of global cooling and impending ice age in the 1970s.

GLOBAL WARMING PAUSE (GWP): After 300 years of warming since the Little Ice Age, NASA and NOAA satellite data reveals nearly 19 years without warming. Computer model experts scratch their tin foil hats in bewilderment. Objective scientists agree the current El Nino pattern will likely end the pause with a few years of natural warming.

HURRICANE PAUSE (HP): Hurricane activity is Al Gore’s signature indicator for extreme climate. The NOAA and National Hurricane Center report the US is at an all-time record (records back to 1851) for no major hurricanes (category 3 or above) over the past ten years. The previous longest pause was eight years between 1860-1869.

ANTARCTIC ICE RECORD (AIR): NASA satellite records reveal the Antarctic Sea ice levels continue to set record highs, baffling climate bureaucrats.

EXTREME CLIMATE ANOMALIES: The 1940-1942 El Nino event created exceptionally low and high temperatures globally. There is only one decade that truly stands out over the past 100 years for extreme climate though. In the US, the 1930s had nearly as much extreme weather as all the other decades combined.

GLOBAL MORTALITY RATES FROM EXTREME WEATHER: Have steadily declined by a whopping 95% since the 1920s when carbon dioxide emissions were more than ten times less than today. That from the International Disaster Database. Alarmists claim 1950 to be the threshold year for the initial impact of elevated CO2 on climate.

GLOBAL MORTALITY RATES FROM CO2: Since we are still awaiting the trends in climate change predicted by 30 years of complex computer models the number of deaths from elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide remains at zero.

GLOBAL MORTALITY RATES FROM RENEWABLE ENERGY: The World Health Organization estimates the fuel poverty caused by skyrocketing wind and solar energy rates is responsible for tens of thousands of premature deaths annually in Europe alone. While the US has reduced CO2 emissions thanks to natural gas fracking, Europe has not and are even on the rise as they return to coal following the devastating economic disaster of their failed massive wind and solar projects.

RENEWABLE ENERGY FOOTPRINT: REF is the economic devastation, fuel poverty, indoor air pollution, cancer villages, habitat destruction, millions of annual wildlife deaths, rural and coastal blight all associated with solar and wind energy. The brunt of this massive footprint is borne by the world poor, weak and less fortunate. Despite being presented with this knowledge the Sustainable Gallup Board congregation persists in their costly starry-eyed solar crusade.

KILOWATT HOUR kWh: The method for measuring energy subsidies is dollars per kWh of power produced. US solar/wind subsidies are more than 100 times higher than fossil fuels and even higher in Europe.

GREEN JOB CANNIBALISM: GJC means spending billions of dollars to destroy two jobs for every one created while dramatically raising the costs of energy along the way, as witnessed in Europe for over a decade. Spain’s massive solar and wind projects promised thousands of so-called green jobs yet only killed productive industries, resulting in the unemployment rate rocketing from 8% in 2007 to 26% (and still rising) forcing a moratorium on solar farms and drastic cuts in subsidies.

GREEN DENIAL SYNDROME: GDS is a form of psychological pathology of those who deny the existence of CCMQ, MWP, RWP, LIA, GWP, HP, AIR, REF and GJC. Those who deny empirical scientific, economic and historical data while claiming to have a special knowledge are known as charlatans, con artists, frauds and quacks.

CLEAN ENERGY: Does not exist.

CLEAN CHINA? Nuclear energy is cleanest, safest and among the most practical. As the US quietly closes nuclear reactors, China plans to build over 100 in the next decade.

CARBON EMISSIONS: A misnomer for ‘carbon dioxide emissions’ and an indoctrination tool used to control or mislead the weak-minded. Most people think of carbon as black carbon soot, an entirely different pollutant which is most common in Third World countries using wood burning stoves.

CARBON DIOXIDE: CO2, a clear odorless gas and the foundation of life on earth.

SMOG: Smog is air polluted with particulates and noxious gases – but there are no particulates or noxious components in carbon dioxide.  Therefore, carbon dioxide plays no part in creating smog.

CHICKEN LITTLE SCIENCE & EMBARRASSING CLIMATE ALARMIST PREDICTIONS: aka “The Gore Effect”. Here is a list of failed alarmist forecasts from well over a decade ago; sea level rises, increased hurricanes-tornadoes, drought, desertification, wildfires, global cooling (1970s), global warming, coastal flooding, crop failures, food riots, climate refugees, disappearing ice caps-glaciers, “snow falls and skiing are now just a thing of the past”. Not only have all the predictions failed, for most of them the exact opposite has occurred.

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