Road map meeting for Gold King Mine spill


FARMINGTON—There will be a Road Map Meeting, regarding the Gold King Mine Spill. The meeting will discuss the Long Term-Effects on New Mexico.

The NM Environmental Health Department is forming, The Long-Term Impact Review Team. With your help, the State of New Mexico is developing the comprehensive Road Map forward. This is to ensure that scientific attention and oversight is provided for water, sediment, agriculture, health, and wildlife. This is necessary after three million gallons of contaminated mine wastewater flowed through the Animas and San Juan Rivers leaving behind a trail of heavy metals deposited into the rivers’ ecosystems.

The Long-Term Citizen Advisory Committee and interested participants will learn how to will be able to join the Citizen Advisory Committee, which will work together with the technical Long-Term Impact Review Team. This is to ensure that citizen and stakeholder concerns continue to be carried forward.

The meeting takes place Oct. 20th, from 5:30 - 8 pm. It will be held in the San Juan College, Henderson Fine Arts Center Rooms 9008 & 9010, 4601 College Boulevard, Farmington.

Bring your knowledge.

Bring your neighbors.

Bring your concerns and questions.

Help build the Road Map.

You’re invited!

Visit: www.env.nm.gov