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Friday, Dec. 18

GHS BBB @ Eddie Pena Holiday Classic, TBA

GHS JV GBB vs. RCHS, 5:30


ToHS BBB @ Coca Cola Classic, Chinle, TBA

ToHS GBB @ Dulce, 7

WHS BBB vs. Holiday Classic, TBA

WHS WRST @ Window Rock, TBASaturday, Dec. 19

GHS BBB @ Eddie Pena Holiday Classic, 2:30

GHS GBB@ Rio Rancho, 7


It Was a Very Good Week

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There often is something, some small thing even, that can foul up your week. This is true in any kind of weather everywhere in the world and does not confine itself to one general or specific subject. Things just seem to happen in no apparent order, and there is good and bad intermingled, it seems.

The old wives tale was that these items occurred in threes. That was probably so you could optimize your conditions by knowing that after three bad events you would be more thankful for a good one. Of course, this adage worked in reverse as well, so instead of thankful, you may begin to dread every passing day, at least until the cycle was ready to change again.

From a positive...

Rehoboth basketball puts up great fight against Laguna

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Rehoboth Boys vs. Laguna Acoma B-Ball:  Dec. 8, 2015.  Final Score: 70 - 38, Laguna wins. Non-conference game.

Gallup Lady Bengals – a force to be reckoned with

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Gallup Girls vs Tohatchi B-Ball:  Dec. 3, 2015.  John Lomasney Tournament. Gallup takes the win. Gallup moved on to play Cleveland in the Final. Gallup beat Cleveland 75 - 35 to win the tournament.

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