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Triple 9 – A simple, pulpy tough guy flick

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Rating: ««« out of 4 stars

Running Time: 115 min.

Director John Hillcoat has a resume that includes plenty of rough and tumble films like The Proposition, The Road, and most recently, Lawless. His latest effort is no exception. Triple 9 is full of scowling, mean characters that would shoot you just as soon as look at...

West Gallup to get new assisted living facility

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30-room facility is third to be built in area by Ramah Care Services

One of McKinley County’s best known assisted living facility builders plans to open a Gallup location at some point in the spring, officials confirmed Wednesday.

Gallup City Planner C.B. Strain said an area along Day Street on the city’s west end is slated for such a facility. The matter was not required to go before the Gallup City Council.

“Yes, they have started construction on the building,” Strain said. “Everything is proceeding according to the plans of the builder.”

Robert Johnston, a Ramah resident and principal with Ramah Care Services, said the $1.7 million Sunny Day Assisted Living Center...

Rotary Seniors of the Month

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Rotary Seniors of the Month, all presented with a Certificate of Honor for their Academic and Community work. Back row, from left: Derrick Vandever, Thoreau; Jeremiah Salaz, Miyamura; Philbert Joe, Tohatchi; Mykale L. Begay-Harlan, Crownpoint; and Colten Lowley, Gallup. Front row, from left: Brittany Wilhelm, Miyamura; Olathe Antonio, Window Rock; Raven Pinto, Rehoboth; Pashen Beyale, Wingate; and Brittany Bahe, Gallup. Photo Credit: Tom Hartsock

Library honors Black History Month with art exhibit, storytelling

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An art exhibit entitled, “Black Lives Matter” is on display to the public through the month of February at the Octavia Fellin Public Library. The more than two dozen works span the year 1964 to the present and are part of a collection done by local artist and former college professor Dana Chandler.

“I don’t really have a real favorite of the ones that are on display at the library,” Chandler, 75, commented. “I like all of them.”

Among the works on display, one is titled, “Haitian Slave Trade, All About the Money (1991).” Another carries the title, “Whiskey, Rum, Pear, Apple, Bullets (1981).” Each painting denotes a degree of social commentary as it pertains...

Bigfoot is a big deal in New Mexico

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The Bigfoot seminar kicked off at UNM Gallup on Feb. 11, and the turnout was tremendous. So many people showed up that the original room overflowed, and the venue had to be changed at the last minute to Calvin Hall Auditorium, which still couldn’t seat everyone. People crowded in to stand and sit on the steps as Dr. Christopher Dyer began the welcome and introduction.

When he asked for a show of hands from those who had seen or heard a Sasquatch (aka Bigfoot), almost a third of those present raised their hands. Dyer assured the crowd that there would be no more skeptics at the end of the two-day event. “We know this is a real phenomena,” he said of Bigfoot.

“I’ve had a...

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