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Local communities to benefit from the new Lok’aah Ni Teel Shopping Center

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GANADO, Ariz. – Members of the 23rdNavajo Nation Council had the honor of joining local residents as the community of Ganado celebrated the grand opening of the Lok’aah Ni Teel Shopping Center located at Burnside Junction, which is approximately 40-miles west of Window Rock, Ariz July 11.

The new 35,000 square-foot...

Navajo Nation, Hopi Tribe stand united on continuation of Navajo Generating Station

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WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — Leaders of the Navajo Nation and the Hopi Tribe reaffirmed their support for the continuation of the Navajo Generating Station for the benefit of the Navajo and Hopi people July 12. The current two-year agreement allows for NGS to continue operating until the end of 2019.

The Navajo Nation has selected a potential new owner and new operator that would allow for the continuation of the Navajo Generating Station beyond 2019. Negotiations with Avenue Capital as the new potential owner and Middle River Power as the new potential operator have begun.

Navajo and Hopi leaders agree that there is much at stake in the negotiations including hundreds of high skilled jobs...

Skyscraper doesn’t catch fire

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Rating: «« out of ««««

Running Time: 102 minutes

It’s unfortunate that even when an original movie arrives in theaters, its inspirations are so blatant that it hardly feels like anything new or original. Such is the case with Skyscraper, a summer film that purposefully attempts to fuse disaster movie fare like The Towering Inferno with the bombastic action of Die Hard. Its star is likable and the film does the best it can to try and entertain, but never builds tension or amounts to much when all is said and done.

The plot follows a former FBI agent named Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson). Now heading a security systems company, old friend (Pablo Schreiber) gets him an interview in...

DVD/Blu-ray Roundup for July 13, 2018

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Time for another look at flicks coming your way on Blu-ray and DVD. There are a couple of big, high profile releases, some smaller titles and tons of older features making their high definition debuts. So if you can’t make it out to the movies this week, be sure to give one of these titles a try!


211 - Loosely inspired by a real life event, this action thriller involves a bank heist. A cop struggling after a divorced is forced to escort a young high school student on a ride-along. Nearby, a group of armed criminals rob a bank. Bullets fly and the villains try to escape, with both the police officer and the student finding themselves in the middle...

Diné Pride Festival caps off ‘Pride Month’

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LGBTQ community CONVERGE IN Window Rock

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. – June is designed Pride Month, a time when people under the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer – or in shorter terms –  the LGBTQ banner, honor the Stonewall riots of 1969, a tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States, and a time to remember those lost to hate crimes and HIV/AIDS.

Despite the shifts in cultural and societal standards, LGBTQ people still feel there’s work to be done in terms of equality, but nonetheless they are proud of the strides they have made.

On June 30, the Coalition for Diné Equality hosted Diyingo ‘Adaanitsíískéés, a Diné Pride Festival. With...

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