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New Mexico Veterans Memorial launches video contest

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Albuquerque — The New Mexico Veterans Memorial board has announced the memorial’s video contest to encourage elementary, middle and high school students to honor a veteran. Titled “What a Veteran Means to Me,” challenges students to create a one-minute video that tells the story about an important veteran in their...

Variables in ‘Tesla’ hurt the experiment

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Rating: «« out of 4

Running Time: 102 minutes

This movie from IFC Films is available for streaming rental on most platforms.

Biopics can be a difficult business. Condensing a complex person’s life into a couple of hours and following a conventional narrative format doesn’t give one enough time to really do justice to the subject or present a complex portrait of their experiences. Still, many try and several do manage to both entertain and enlighten. Tesla details the life of a famous and enigmatic personality who, among other discoveries, was responsible for inventing and developing the alternating current system that powers much of the world today.

Anne Morgan (Eve Hewson)...

Blu-ray/DVD Review Roundup for September 11, 2020

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Welcome to yet another look at highlights coming your way on Blu-ray and DVD. Once again, there’s plenty of exciting stuff here to choose from in a wide variety of genres. So, since you likely can’t make it out to the movies this week, be sure to give one of these titles a try!


THE CORDIL­LERA OF DREAMS: This documentary follows a Chilean man who left his home country 40 years ago after a military dictatorship took control of the country. He decides to return to Chile and in order to process and examine his experiences and feelings about the place, as well as to revisit and reconnect with some of its most beautiful locations (including a vast chain of...

Gallup Catholic teacher pleased by reciprocal relationships

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Meet Camille’s Teacher of the Month: Aurelio Culling

Each month, Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe recognizes one local teacher within the Gallup area for his or her determination to help students go above and beyond. Prospective teachers are nominated by students who feel they deserve to be recognized.

Aurelio Culling, of Sacred Heart Catholic School, has taught in Gallup for about 13 years and spoke about the bonds he has formed with students in that time.


Originally from the Philippines, Culling said he came to appreciate what he calls the classic Catholic system of education after arriving in the United States.

“Learning about this system was, to me, the beginning of...

‘Words On Bathroom Walls’ feels unbalanced

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Rating: «« out of ««««

Running Time: 111 minutes

Roadside Attractions is releasing this feature at open cinemas and drive-ins.

Teens looking for entertainment have an option this week with Words on Bathroom Walls, a new title based on a popular young adult novel. The film attempts to juggle a typical teenage romance plot while dealing with the subject of mental illness and attempting to add in a dash of eccentric humor. It is admirable in its intentions and has some strong individual scenes, but it does feel like there are too many disparate elements vying for attention. As a result, the end product is tonally unbalanced.

Adam (Charlie Plummer) is a teenager who dreams of...

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