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Begaye orders flags at half-staff for Navajo Code Talker Kee Etsicitty

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WINDOW ROCK, Ariz.—The Navajo Nation lost a national hero on July 21, with the passing of Navajo Code Talker Kee Etsicitty.

“The Navajo people are in mourning for the loss of Kee Etsicitty, one of our beloved Navajo Code Talkers and role models for our nation,” Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye said.

All flags...

Begaye, Nez issue statement on Navajo fluency referendum

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WINDOW ROCK, Ariz.—Now that the referendum on the Navajo fluency requirements for the presidency of the Navajo Nation has been settled, President Russell Begaye and Vice President Jonathan Nez said it is time to move forward and begin the healing process for the Navajo people.

“We appreciate the fact that the people were given the opportunity to vote, even though we were disappointed with the number of people that came out to vote,” President Begaye said. “In the future, we recommend that referendums be voted on during the general election so we don’t spend more money than we need to.”

Vice President Nez said, “We believe that the Navajo people know the importance and...

KendalBen Barbeque: a new approach to an old favorite

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VILLAGE OF MILAN– From the first smile of KendalBen’s manager John, you become aware there is something positive and new about the dining experience available at KendalBen Barbeque in Milan.

KendalBen’s serves food such as a lightly smoked Bison Burger, which might be surprising to find in Albuquerque much less a village next to Grants with 4,000 inhabitants. KendalBen’s is owned by Kendal Cash who also serves as one of two chefs. KendalBen is Cash’s nickname.

As you enter the restaurant you see an interesting mix of old and new. Traditional barbeque fans are greeted by a wall made partly of planks of weathered wood.

“The wood is from my great-grandfather’s barn in...

PIXELS Features A Script With Too Many Design Flaws

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Rating: «« out of 4 Stars

Running Time: 106 min.

Truthfully, the idea of characters from arcade games of the 80s waging war against the Earth is appealing. Pixels features a super concept, but something goes a little wonky in the execution. While the movie should have given star Adam Sandler a chance at something different, the production doesn’t stray from the actor’s slapstick formula. Yes, it’s better than most of his recent output, but it’s still a disappointingly generic film that ultimately comes across a little uninspired.

Back in the 80s, a time capsule probe is sent into outer space. When an alien force receives it and interprets the contents as aggressive, they...

DVD/Blu-ray Roundup for July 21, 2015

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Every once in a while, you get a lean week. This column would certainly qualify, with only a few highlights coming your way. Still, there are some eccentric efforts that may be worth a look. So if you can’t make it out to the movies this week, be sure to give one of these titles a try!

Big New Releases!

Kung Fu Killer - 51 year old action hero Donnie Yen headlines this Hong Kong fight flick about a killer wiping out the best martial artists in the land. It’s up to the lead’s convict/kung fu master character to help the cops track down and stop the offender. While no one has called it a classic, reviews were pretty decent for this effort. Most described it as a...

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