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House Bill 92 ensures safe drinking water remains a priority in New Mexico

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In New Mexico, approximately 1.9 million people rely on public water systems to provide a safe and reliable supply of drinking water to our homes and businesses. But how do we know if our community drinking water supply is safe to drink? The simple answer is that our drinking water supply is tested regularly to ensure that it...

A voting rights issue affecting all of us

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The American system of representative democracy rests primarily on the concept of equal representation in legislative bodies. The Constitution requires a census of the population every ten years and then states reapportion representation and draw new district lines based on this census.  Unfortunately, the devil is in the details.  Our New Mexico Constitution, passed in 1912, leaves the drawing of district maps to the legislature.

N.M. has very few standards guiding the drawing of these maps.  Only Texas and Nevada have looser standards. The process of redistricting ends up being totally partisan because the legislature is a political body, manipulation during the map...

Letter to the Editor: Failed representation with opportunity lost in the U.S. Space Command for New Mexico

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N.M. Tech alumna, B. S. Engineering, Former candidate for U. S.

Congress District 3

The news of New Mexico losing the race to land U.S. Space Command, Jan. 13th, 2020, was disheartening to read as someone who comes from the engineering field.  It brought flashbacks of me graduating from New Mexico Tech with an engineering degree and no job to be had in New Mexico.  Here in New Mexico, we were one of six finalists for the U.S. Space Command which would have overseen military space operations.  Recently, the U.S Air Force selected Birmingham, Ala. as the location for the Space Command.

Alabama will be in for job opportunities our leaders in New Mexico squelched.  From Mayor Keller...

Secy. of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver responds to Trump Campaign’s withdrawal of frivolous election lawsuit

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“The Trump campaign today [Jan. 11] filed to withdraw their lawsuit against my Office attempting to invalidate New Mexico’s secure and lawful 2020 General Election and withdrew their overly burdensome public records requests motivated by an outlandish conspiracy theory involving Dominion Voting Systems.

As no new facts have come to light since they filed this lawsuit and records requests, except the anti-democratic horror show that played out as the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday [Jan. 6], this withdrawal suggests that the Trump campaign knew from the very beginning that their lawsuit was baseless and that it was simply a political show.

Let me be clear: New Mexican election...

Marijuana is back on the table at the N.M. Legislature

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The Albuquerque Journal puts out a weekly insert on Mondays titled Business Outlook. This Dec. 28 edition was almost entirely about possible cannabis legalization at the upcoming N.M. legislative session. Marijuana legalization in some form seems a sure thing.  But we need to pay particular attention to how this sensitive issue is addressed by our legislature.

“Legalize Today for a brighter tomorrow” is the title of five full pages of advertising by Ultra Health who label themselves New Mexico’s #1 Cannabis Company in the 28 December Business Outlook.  The articles included, while mildly informative, are almost entirely about proper marketing of the product and how much tax the...

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