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Madame G guide to the stars Week of OCTOBER 28

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On Oct. 27 enjoy the New Moon. This is the time to think and consider your options. You may evaluate where you are and smile. You may also feel as if a pivot is in order. Madame G recommends that you let your voice roar and live the way you want. Don’t accept your own weaknesses. Speak up and let the world hear your voice...

Letter to the editor: View of a veteran

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Government and private companies gone wild in California, just this week electricity was cut off to almost a million people for fear of starting a fire!  The state has lost its mind by allowing a private company to shut off the electricity to people who may be on oxygen, sleep c-pac’s, COPD therapy machines, and other at home medical devices.  So, the question is if a person were to die, or have to go to the hospital because there at home medical devices would not work who is going to pay for this?  This is the same state that bans certain assault firearms and their magazine size, limits concealed carry permits, is a sanctuary state, wants to give illegals free medical care, and...

When adults bully adults, kids suffer

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Dear Editor:

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. “Every day thousands of young people experience bullying from their peers while at school, after school in their neighborhoods, and even when they are at home, through social media and texts,” PACER points out. Founded in 2006, PACER is a national bullying prevention center, www.pacer.org.

But, here’s my question. How do we as adults hope to prevent bullying among our youth when adults can be some of the vilest verbal word-villains?

A 2019 article in The Chicago Tribune tells the snarly story. An Illinois freelance writer Melissa Blake wrote a recent anti-Trump op-ed piece for CNN. A mob of mean mug-thugs hurled...

Madame G guide to the stars Week of OCTOBER 14

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Madame G recommends you spend time enjoying the fall weather and the Last Quarter Moon on Friday, Oct. 18. This is the time to start new projects and enjoy. You have the ability to become who you’ve always wanted to be. You can do whatever you want if you really want it. But, you must be willing to make the necessary sacrifices. Be free and live well!

Aries (March 21-April 19)

At times it feels as if life is pushing you forward or bouncing you around in a washing machine. Anyone can become overwhelmed and tired of this constant back-and-forth. You’re not the only one. Instead of forcing yourself away from a certain subject, take a moment to evaluate your thoughts. Care for your...

N.M. shows increase in concentrated poverty

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Progress on the way

ALBUQUERQUE – Despite a fairly strong economy nationally, ten states – including New Mexico – have seen an increase in the share of children living in areas of concentrated poverty. This information comes from the latest KIDS COUNT report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The report also shows that children of color are more likely to live in high-poverty, low-opportunity neighborhoods than white children.

“While children do best when their family is economically secure, the well-being of the larger community is also important. Children need to grow up in neighborhoods with high-quality schools, safe places to play, good job opportunities, and reliable...

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