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Stories R US: Write about COVID-19

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The future will find us looking back on the pandemic of 2020. Articles in newspapers will be archived. Children will grow up with school cancellation tales. Each individual will have a similar, yet a distinctive story about the coronavirus. The days of COVID-19 will be transcribed in history books.

I grew up inside of...

Leading from behind

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The fact that Wal-Mart has many thousands of part-time employees and long ago amassed billions of dollars that will outlive them, is not a secret.  I shine a light on this to contrast Wal-Mart’s actions, to the actions of Henry Ford, who increased the wages of his employees to the displeasure of his fellow car makers.  Ford said this, “I want my employees to have the ability to purchase the cars that they are building.”

This part time employment, that continues, has existed since WalMart arrived in Gallup – many Navajo government administrations ago.

The Navajo government has long reneged on their promise to be a voice for the voiceless – part time WalMart employees cannot...

Letter to the editor: Are we opening Pandora’s Box?

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A conversation by letter between Ina Burmeister , Kitty Mason

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    March 31, 2020   5:30 pm

Contact: Ina Burmeister, Public Information Officer

Public Information Phone Line:  505-863-7100

March 30, 2020, Gallup, New Mexico - A task force has put into place an initial solution to address the need to house homeless respiratory patients needing to self-isolate while waiting for COVID-19 test results. The task force includes representatives from the State, County, City, Gallup Indian Medical Center (GIMC), Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services (RMCHCS) and Community Outreach and Patient Empowerment (COPE).

While the local task force first began...

Trump Administration should postpone oil, gas lease sales until prices stabilize

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ALBUQUERQUE - While New Mexico families are focused on making sure their loved ones are safe and healthy during this fast-moving crisis, other problems are brewing at the state level that may cause pain for years to come. Plummeting oil and gas prices are draining the state budget of funds needed for public safety, health care, education, and more. Actions by the Trump Administration will make this long-term revenue crisis worse.

New leases that will allow companies to drill for oil and gas on federal lands are scheduled to go on sale in May. The lease rates are based on current oil and gas prices, so clearly any leases sold soon will go at bargain-basement prices. As New Mexico...

Letter to the Editor: Avoiding COVID-19 and humans

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Dear Editor:

What did I do with the unexpected time off due to the pandemic? Well, I stayed at home to prevent germ-sharing and germ-spreading. And read about COVID-19, and watched the news about COVID-19, and talked about COVID-19.

What else did I do? Sipped coffee and gazed at the birds and squirrels outside my window. Some internet surfing. Some reading. Some writing. Texting with family, friends, and coworkers. A little cooking. A little cleaning. A little organizing. Drank decaffeinated tea. Nibbled on peanut butter eggs. Trump may cancel Easter, so I ate some of my stash of holiday candy while waiting for the COVID-19 microbes to conk out in Ohio.

Then I found some old teeth...

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