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Weekly Crime Blotter

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12/28, GAMERCO

McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy J.Bowman responded to a call at a local hospital where a woman had a gunshot wound to her foot. According the the deputy’s report, the victim said that she was visiting a friend on Rosarita Street in Gamerco to pick up clothes and...


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Willie Keeto, Jr.

Dec. 12, 2:48 am

2nd DWI, aggravated

Keeto, 62, told Gallup Police Department Officer Charles Steele that he didn’t notice that the officer was trying to pull him over near the start of Munoz overpass all the way to the north side KFC. He was swerving in and out of lanes, nearly losing control by Denny’s restaurant.

He did admit to Steele that he had consumed two pitchers of beer. He blew a .19 and .18 during the breath test.

Everett Tom

Dec. 10, 4:05 pm

Aggravated DWI

McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Lorenzo Guerrero responded to a wreck near the El Rancho Hotel area. When he approached Tom he noticed the smell of liquor coming from...

Top Five Stories of 2015

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As I reflect back on the stories that I’ve covered in the year of 2015, I chose the top five that stood out to me as important stories of 2015.Recycling and reusing jamboree event

It was nice to see many friendly faces once I walked into the doors of Gallup’s Community Center on Oct.31 as I was about to embark on covering an annual event called the “Recycling and Reusing Jamboree Event.”

Those friendly faces were Gerald O’Hara, vice president of the McKinley Citizens Recycling Council, Board Secretary Shafiq Chaudhary and Board member Betsy Windisch.

As an avid recycler myself, I thought it would be kind of cool to check it out and I am glad that I did. Put together...

Top Five Stories of 2015

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OK, let’s get this right out in the open to start, I cheated on this article! I did not look at every issue and dither around about what I liked the best. I chose my selections from the last month and a half based on subjects I thought were important to the community at large. Be gentle with me and bear in mind that principally I am a sports writer, not a news reporter, though I am unsure of the difference most of the time.

Take it or leave it, here they are!Bleacher Talk: The Benefits of the Aging Athlete

Issue # 31, 11-6-15

My regular weekly column, Bleacher Talk, was originally designed to sports-oriented topics but quickly became a place for commentary on many other...


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Hyram Ducan

Dec. 10, 6 pm

6th DWI

Some people never learn. Ducan is one of those people. This sixth time around, he rear-ended the back of a black Jeep Patriot with his silver GMC pickup truck on State Road 264, near the Sagebrush bar. From there, he allegedly fled the scene and winded up at the airport, getting into a fight with someone.

MCSO Deputy Arnold Noriega arrived on the scene and began questioning Ducan and learned of his revoked license. He then asked if he was willing to take the field sobriety test, which he agreed to, but, he told Noriega that he would not pass it because he was “all buzzed out.”

Ducan, 42, was transported to a local hospital for a blood...

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