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John Robert Emerson, 25, Gallup, NM

Aug. 9, 1:01 am

A low speed pursuit on the streets of Gallup, reaching a top speed pursuit of 40 mph – from near R&M Furniture to 1511 Gold Ave – earned Emerson a DWI and evading an officer arrest. He had stolen his girlfriend’s car and blew through a stop sign before he...

Gallup Fire Department’s call report

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The Gallup Fire Department responded to 639 calls from July 1 through Aug. 17. The following is a breakdown of what type of calls they responded to.

More than 85 percent of their calls are listed as rescue and emergency calls, and that number breaks down to 563 calls that they responded to for emergency medical services. This volume includes motor vehicle accidents, calls for ambulances, and other medical assistance.

They responded to two dozen motor vehicle accidents without injury, 17 with injuries and seven involving pedestrians in a motor vehicle accident.

GFD responded to nine fire calls, which include one trash or rubbish fire, one mobile property fire, one passenger vehicle...

A blueprint to success: GPD prepares comprehensive fire plans

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W hile firefighters are busy running to save citizens lives, whether it be automobile crashes, fires, exposure to hazardous materials or just a false alarm, the administration is gearing up for anything that could happen.

Chief Eric Babcock said that he has to look at what could cause fires.

“My job is to assess the risk,” Babcock said.

He said that he has to have his firefighters and staff monitor the vegetation that has grown throughout the rain, because that could dry out and become a fire hazard.

He also has to have plans in place as Gallup has over 70 trains coming through on a daily basis and a refinery that sits on the outskirts of the town.

Jesus Morales said that the...

GMCS Superintendent placed on leave

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Local citizen to push for deconsolidation

The decision of the Board of Education to place Gallup McKinley County Schools Superintendent Frank Chiapetti on administrative leave Aug. 17, created a whirlwind of comments on social media that gravitated between praise and hate for the superintendent now in limbo, as well as the board itself.

As with most personnel matters, the five-member school board was tightlipped on the matter. The board went into closed session to discuss Chiapetti’s fate that Monday evening.

That same evening, the district appointed administrator Carmen Moffett the role of interim superintendent, until the board decides whether to continue on with Chiapetti, who...

Impact Review Team to monitor EPA’smine spill lasting effects

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FARMINGTON— Gov. Susana Martinez announced the creation of a multiagency, long-term impact review team to monitor the effects of the massive 3 million gallon waste spill in the Animas River that EPA officials have admitted to causing Aug. 19.

After touring the spill by helicopter for the second time in less than a week, the governor made the announcement with cabinet secretaries and directors of the New Mexico Departments of Agriculture, Environment, Game and Fish, Health, and the Office of the State Engineer.

“As the river begins to clear up, there are still many questions left unanswered by the EPA. New Mexicans deserve to know the long-term effects this environmental...

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