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AG wants New Mexico residents to stay in their homes

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As the first person in my family to qualify for a mortgage, I know how vital it is to get and keep a home. Buying a home is part of the American Dream and one of the best ways for families to find stability that builds communities, neighborhoods— and safety.

In keeping with my commitment to protect the safety of all New...

Hope for economic recovery discussed at forum

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Some of the top business minds in Gallup and McKinley County met three days this week to look over plans for economic development, discuss the pros and cons of doing business in the immediate area and become more informed with regard to the possibilities of growing this community.

The training session, that took place June 8-10, was sponsored by the Greater Gallup Economic Development Company in downtown Gallup.Sectors represented included city, county, tribal and chapter governments, hospitals, schools, universities, utility companies and many local business owners.

Kent Wilson, retired owner of Four Corners Welding and Gas Supply and current Chairman of the Planning and Zoning...

Landavazo suggests putting a cork in Ceremonial wine tasting event

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Mary Jean Christiansen most likely wasn’t expecting to defend a wine tasting event when she came before the City Council June 9 to discuss the 94th Annual Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial request of $50,000 in lodgers tax money for use of advertising the four day event.

However, Councilor Allan Landavazo saw it as an opportunity to address the opening night wine tasting event. Landavazo, who manages Castle Furniture in Gallup, said “100 percent of the people I talk to don’t want it.”

He also said that the individuals he spoke to are primarily Native Americans and informed him that alcohol wasn’t a part of their traditional culture.

“Ceremonial is a celebration of...

Lawmakers brace for Liquor Excise Tax decrease

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Both City of Gallup Council and McKinley County Board of Commissioners passed a joint resolution to budget and to closely monitor how they allocate Liquor Excise Tax dollars.

Despite the tax being raised from 5 to 6 percent this past fiscal year, both county and city officials said they expected the projected the tax revenue would bring in $1.1 million, but now expect that amount to be in the ballpark of $900,000 when the remaining receipts for fiscal year 2015 filter in.

This predicted shortfall is based on the nearly $718,000 that filtered into coffers from July 1 - April 30.

“We really are a little perplexed about the the numbers,” City Attorney George Kozeliski said.

The joint...

McKinley County’s new look

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It didn’t take much discussion for McKinley County Board of Commissioners to vote in a new logo, in essence, a fresh brand for the county at their June 9 meeting.

Gone is the hard to make out graphic of the county building encased in a circle and welcome to a strong, Native American figure holding a torch, inspired by the Manuelito sculpture on the county building’s first floor.

Artist Theo Bremer-Bennett read from a statement on what he feels the new logo symbolizes:

“After studying what other counties in our area are using as logos, we concluded that many try to visually say absolutely everything and end up with an often colorful but undecipherable blob,” he said. “In...

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