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Woman abandons daughter by being too intoxicated

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Gallup Police Department officers were dispatched to the 300 block of West Princeton June 21 to check on a blue van which had a flat tire. The license plate of the vehicle belonged revealed that it belonged to Lisamarie Manygoats, 36, of Brimhall, NM. Metro Dispatch had given out an attempt to locate on Manygoats earlier in...

Governor’s capital outlay approval to fund major projects

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LAS CRUCES – It was less than two weeks ago that state lawmakers met for one day to iron out their differences and present a capital outlay package to Gov. Susana Martinez. On June 17 she announced her approval of a lion’s share of the statewide capital outlay requests during a press conference in Las Cruces.

In Senate Bill 1, all but three of McKinley County’s 39 infrastructure projects were approved. Martinez vetoed $1.1 million in line items statewide, which is less than 1 percent of the total requests of $ 293.8 million.

“Far too many of our roads are dangerous, and they are in dire need of repair,” Martinez stated, in a press release. “By signing this legislation, we...

New physician takes reigns at Red Rocks Care Center

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Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services is pleased to report on the spirit of cooperation between the hospital and Gallup’s local care centers.

Dr. Samuel MacBride, who is a family medicine physician as well as the Chief Medical Officer at RMCHCS, will also be serving as the Interim Medical Director for Red Rocks Care Center in Gallup.

Additionally, he serves as the Medical Director for McKinley Care and Rehabilitation Center.  Dr. MacBride is sharing this role as Medical Director at Red Rocks Care Center with Dr. Christopher Gonzaga, who is an Internal Medicine physician at RMCHCS.

Engaging physicians who live and work in the community to also serve our care facilities...

AG pens letter to Secretary of State on campaign reform

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SANTA FE – Attorney General Hector Balderas sent a letter to Secretary of State Dianna J. Duran June 17 making recommendations for increasing transparency and accountability in the campaign finance reporting process.

“When dealing with millions of dollars of campaign donations, candidates should strictly comply with the law and not violate transparency standards,” Balderas said in describing shortcomings in the current system of campaign finance reporting. “We need to put teeth back into the law, which is why I’ll be supporting the reinstatement of mandatory fines for violation of the Campaign Reporting Act during the upcoming legislative session.”

In addition to...

A beating at the gas pumps

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Jonathan Yazzie, 24, of Gallup probably didn’t expect the violent reaction to his alleged actions that resulted in his beating June 14 at Allsups on Arnold Street.

According to the police report, filed by Gallup Police Department Lt. Edwin Yazzie, it was a female’s screams which brought him to the gas station at 1:12 am that Sunday morning. GPD officers were already in the area handling another call.

“Upon my arrival, I saw several individuals running in all directions away from the parking lot by the gas pumps,” Lt. Yazzie said in his report.

That’s when Lt. Yazzie saw Jonathan, aka John Charley, who was displaying signs of intoxication and was bleeding from a...

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