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Finding your way around a hot air balloon

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If you’ve never been up close to a hot air balloon, it may appear to be a large, colorful teardrop, sitting on a field or traveling in the air.  But when you get near it, or inside, or maybe you’re lucky enough to help blow it up, you see that it’s more than a single element.  It has parts.

The main parts of a hot...


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Red Rock Balloon Rally Coloring Contest Winners

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Thank you to all who participated. Everyone will have their artwork displayed at the Rio West Mall during balloon rally weekend!

A short history of hot-air balloons

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The concept of hot-air ballooning goes back thousands of years, but someone physically putting a hot-air balloon into the air didn’t happen until about 1783.

The Montgolfier Brothers, Jacques-Étienne and Joseph-Michel, initially sent a sheep, a chicken, and a duck up into the air successfully. Following their initial flight triumph, they decided to send up two men up for about 20 minutes.

These two men were Pilatre de Rozier and Marquis François d’Arlandes, who were not condemned criminals as King Louis XVI had originally wanted. In fact, de Rozier, known as the world’s first balloonist, had to petition the King to be on the first manned hot-air balloon flight.

After manned...

Medical cannabis regulations discussed at public hearing

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The New Mexico Department of Health hosted a public hearing Nov. 22 in Santa Fe regarding proposed rule changes to its Medical Cannabis Program, addressing a variety of issues including product packaging for patients, reciprocity for out-of-state medical patients, and additional testing of both cannabis and the products derived from it.

Due to inclement weather and a two-hour delay for all state government offices, a second hearing was scheduled by Department of Health Cabinet Secretary Kathy Kunkel.

“Although it was still a good turn-out from the public, I want to assure we receive all the feedback and comment to have the best rules possible. For that reason, we will schedule a...

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