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One arrest leads to another

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McKinley County Sheriff Sgt. Tammy Houghtaling and several deputies were dispatched to the Grand Canyon Trailer Park in Gamerco Jan. 3 in connection with a report of several intoxicated people.

When she arrived, she approached the driver, who was identified as Naomi Hayes, 32, of Mentmore. Houghtaling said she could smell...

Weekly Police Activity Reports

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Churchrock, Dec. 24

When security guard Cody Manygoats arrived at his worksite on Pipeline Road about 4:30 pm, he realized a number of cardboard boxes containing numerous plastic pipes and industrial sandbags were empty. He spoke with one of his coworkers who said nothing had been taken when he was on watch, so the items had gone missing between their shifts.

Manygoats called the incident into McKinley County Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Savannah Williams met with Manygoats about the incident. He estimated about 20 sandbags had been taken along with the plastic pipes.

There are no suspects.



Ya-ta-hey, Dec. 23

McKinley County Sheriff’s...


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Dec. 24, 11:17 pm


McKinley County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Shirley was dispatched to the McKinley West Fire Department, 124 W. Hwy. 118, in reference to a drunk driver.

Shirley made contact with the caller, Ernestine Gordon, who told him the suspect vehicle had hit her car earlier. While enroute to the location where the driver was last seen, Shirley was advised a vehicle was parked on Beta Street and the driver was having difficulty standing and appeared to be ill.

When Shirley arrived at the scene on Beta Street, he saw a tan Chevrolet truck that matched the description of the vehicle given to him by Gordon. Shirley made contact with the driver, Tyler...

Mt. Taylor Mine closing

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Rio Grande Resources Abandons ‘RE-ACTIVATION’ Plan

SANTA FE - In a victory for Native communities, Rio Grande Resources, owner of the Mt. Taylor uranium mine, notified the Mining and Minerals Division of the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department of “cessation of mining operations” and RGR’s intention “to begin closure plan activity.”

Eric Jantz, Staff Attorney at the New Mexico Environmental Law Center, which has been representing the Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment and Amigos Bravos on the Mt. Taylor permitting, said, “The frontline communities are thrilled about this development because they have been living with the mine...

Earthweek: Diary of a Changing World

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2019 Year in Review

Record Lightning

A new report said that U.S. weather satellites detected the longest lightning ever observed — a 300-mile bolt from Texas to Kansas. Other researchers measured the most powerful thunderstorm on record, with an electric potential of 1.3 billion volts in India.

Plastic Homes

A Mexican engineer has developed a process to recycle plastic into houses that may last for up to 150 years. Ramón Espinosa’s Eco Plastico Ambiental company converts the ubiquitous debris into strong sheets of “plastic wood” that can be used to build homes, furniture and other objects. Plastic is now one of the world’s most pervasive environmental pollutants.


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