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This Week in Sports

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June 13, 2015


(Indian Hills Park)

9am Cardinals vs. Yankees

11am Dodgers vs. Angels

1pm Indians vs. Twins


(Stafie Field)

9am Angels vs Pirates

11am Dodgers vs Nationals

1pm A’s vs Giants

3pm Rangers vs D-Backs


(F.C. Softball Field)

9am Yankees vs...

‘Looking Fierce’

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‘Swing batter batter’

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I’m Sooo Bored!

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Let me admit right off that I am not, repeat NOT, the person to come to for sympathy. Oh sure, I have lots of empathy for people living in conditions they have little control over, but if you go much beyond those conditions, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

It’s a common complaint, now and even in the past, for those afflicted with boredom to never look past the one tree in their life while forgetting the many and varied trees in the entire forest or jungle. Thus, the headline of today’s column.

Perhaps my unsympathetic response to this subject is rooted in my occupation. In my experience as a sports writer, I have covered a multitude of activities. Quite a few of them I had...

This Week in Sports

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June 6, 2015

Roberto Clemente League

(Indian Hills Park)

9am   Angels vs. Red Sox

11am Dodgers vs. Mets

1pm   Twins vs Yankees

Roberto Clemente League

(Stafoe Park)

9am   Cardinals vs. Padres

11am Indians vs. Marlins

1pm  Angels vs Tigers

Willie Mays League

(Stafie Field)

6pm Angels vs. Dodgers

8pm Yankees vs. White Sox

U-12 Softball

(F.C. Softball Field)

9am  Pirates vs Giants

11am D-Backs vs. Braves

June 8, 2015

T-Ball League

(T-Ball Field)

6pm Braves vs. Angels

7pm Cardinals vs. Red Sox

8pm Indians vs. Pirates

Roberto Clemente League

(Indian Hills Park)

6pm Cardinals vs. Reds

8pm Dodgers vs. Red Sox

U-8 Softball

(Father Dunstan Park)

6pm Giants @...

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