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The Fighting House Brothers

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Life in the 1940s was not even close to the politically correct society of today. It was rough, and tumble, especially for the four brothers who grew up in Dilkon, AZ.

Their mother was from the Oneida Tribe of New York state, while dad was Dineh, and fighting quickly became a past time for all of them, even though...

City baseball tournament action

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It’s Been a Busy Summer, Just a few Days In

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The time has really seemed to fly past since graduation. Here we are on June 26 and look at what we’ve seen so far.

Gallup High had their Athletic Director, Domonic Romero, who is also the school’s boys’ basketball coach, transfer to a new position as Principal at Thoreau High School. Fortunately, one of his assistant coaches, Richard Rangel, will move into that vacancy and attempt to continue the success the team has experienced in the last few years.

The AD vacancy has been filled by James Malcolm, who had been the wrestling coach for the Bengals. No word on who might be slated to take that job or if Malcolm will be allowed to keep it.

The other high schools in our coverage...

UNM-G groundskeeper starts Bike For Life

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Andy Martinez is a groundskeeper at UNM-Gallup who has a passion for making children happy.  Andy lives in a Gallup trailer park and noticed kids walking the neighborhood and wondered why they weren’t on bikes.  Andy fondly recalled his own youth where he always had a bicycle, although it was often a hand-me-down version requiring repairs.  When Andy realized that many of the neighborhood families could not afford to buy bikes for their children, he set out to collect used bicycles, renovate and repair them and distribute them around the neighborhood.  “I was one of five children in our family so if I wanted a bike of my own, it usually meant getting a broken one from a sibling...

Fox Run is Open for Play

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For those who are tired of the Gallup to Grants commute on a regular basis, or even farther, the news about Fox Run Golf Course is good, and getting better.

Although not up to the highest standards, or even to previous ones, the work at Fox Run is improving and laying a solid foundation for future years. It has taken months of planning and preparation, but just in the month Max Johnson and Troy Kyle have been in Gallup, the course has improved. Water pumps in the lake areas are working well, the greens are growing back in, and contours and bunkers have been adjusted to provide a more playable course.

“We started on the back side, making the greens more receptive,” said...

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