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Saturday, Feb 16th

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A Busy Week is Always the Best

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If the headline for this column is true, there must have been a lot of happy people in Gallup last week.


Kristy Tiley and her dancers always put on a great show, whether it is for halftime or in this competitive environment of the Turquoise Classic. She starts with mini-dancers – about the age of four – and...

Rugby in the Snow

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There were two styles of Rugby played on Nov. 10 at Public School Stadium, one before the snow started (BS) and one after the sudden storm kicked into high gear (AS).

It was quite an invitation to a team of Indigenous Australians that had traveled several thousand miles to play a mostly local team of Indigenous Warriors, especially based on a feature video that was distributed in over 100 countries. But the invitation was accepted by the team from Down Under and Gallup’s Rugby maven Timaris Montano put together a group of former Gallup High players to meet the challenge.

It was more of a ‘fun’ event than an actual contest. The Australians had played together for some...

Moving with the Music

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It was an action-packed event on Nov. 7 at Gallup High School as hundreds of dancers performed in the Fourth Annual Turquoise Classic. This competition drew participants and fans from around the state, and the enthusiasm for the efforts was overwhelming, and not just from ‘Dance Moms.’

The two large speakers by the announcer’s stand vibrated with the music selected by each group, building the beat and encouraging everyone to become a part of what was happening in front of them.

As expected, the local dancers were at the top and collected most of the awards, although teams from Los Lunas, Piedra Vista, St. Pius, and Aztec provided plenty of competition. In the end...

Sports Schedule

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The new season is just beginning and only the following four games will be played in the coming week. Stay in touch for the much fuller schedule next issue!

Saturday, Nov. 14   Tohatchi Girls @ Farmington (Scrimmage), TBA

Tuesday, Nov. 17    Miyamura Boys vs Thoreau, 4

Wednesday, Nov. 18     Tohatchi Boys at Window Rock, 4

Thursday, Nov. 19     Gallup Boys vs Espanola, 4

The Benefits of the Aging Athlete

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“The best thing about growing old is being able to watch someone else do all the work!” Anonymous.

That’s exactly the was I felt last Saturday during the Sixth Annual Four Corners Football Championship games. Although I did play sports, I never called myself an athlete, merely a player. But still the benefits accrue regardless of the name one puts on their ability.

Watching a bunch of 8-12 year olds warm up is a lot more fun than actually doing it yourself. Most of us can only imagine working out to that level, even on a weekly basis. It is a mystery to us how aging athletes like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are still able to play as well as they do, and keep coming back every...

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