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‘New Venture’

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Local teen teaching others the Mixed Martial Arts


Gallup High hosts Four Corners Tourney

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Six wrestling teams faced off at Gallup High School on Jan. 27 for the Four Corners Tourney.  The meet was delayed several hours due to a bomb threat at the school, but police cleared the building after a thorough search did not turn up any explosives, and the wrestling commenced.

Competition was tough but friendly with Gallup, Grants, Miyamura, Shiprock, Kirtland, and Newcomb high schools all duking it out on the mat.

The tournament was round-robin style, so each team wrestled every other team, and there was no overall winner announced. It was a long event, almost seven hours in total, and each athlete got to wrestle at least five matches. Matches were short, but intense...


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Jan. 20, Wednesday

RCHS GBB 68, Crownpoint 58 (OT)

Jan. 21, Thursday

GHS BBB 55, Eldorado 53

GHS GBB 68, Eldorado 64

MHS BBB 36, Moriarty 44

MHS GBB 41, Farmington 59

RCHS BBB 49, Ramah 47

ToHS GBB 67, Navajo Prep 47

WHS BBB 70, Bloomfield 79

Jan. 22, Friday

GHS BBB 71, Piedra Vista 52

RCHS BBB 30, Newcomb 38

ToHS BBB 52, Crownpoint 64

WHS GBB 78, Zuni 47

Jan. 23, Saturday

GHS GBB 77, Piedra Vista 72

GHS WRST @ Leonard Kirby Invite, Belen, NO RESULTS

MHS GBB 60, Albuquerque High 65

MHS WRST @ Leonard Kirby Invite, Belen Jeremiah Salaz and A.J. Starkovich named Most Valuable Wrestlers in this tournament for respective weight classes.

RCHS BBB 53, N. American Community...


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Jan. 29, Friday

GHS BBB vs. Farmington, 7

MHS BBB @ Aztec, 7

WHS GBB vs, Thoreau, 4

Jan. 30, Saturday

MHS GBB vs. Aztec, 7

RCHS BBB @ Tohatchi, 1

ToHS BBB vs. Rehoboth, 1

ToHS GBB @ Newcomb, 4

WHS BBB @ Thoreau, 3

Feb. 2, Tuesday

GHS BBB vs. Miyamura, 7

MHS BBB @ Gallup, 7

RCHS BBB @ Navajo Prep, 6:30

RCHS GBB vs. Crownpoint, 6:30

WHS GBB @ Shiprock, 7

Feb. 4, Thursday

GHS GBB vs. Miyamura, 7

MHS GBB @ Gallup, 7

RCHS BBB vs. To’hajiilee, 6:30

WHS BBB vs. Shiprock, 7

Feb. 5, Friday

MHS BBB vs. Farmington, 7

RCHS GBB vs. Navajo Pine, 6:30

ToHS BBB @ Navajo Prep, 6:30

WHS GBB vs. Bloomfield, 7

Just an all-around student/athlete

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Once you’ve wrestled, everything else is easy. Dan Gable, 1972 Summer U.S. Olympic Gold Medal winner in wrestling.

A.J. (the first initial stands for Alias and is pronounced A li’ as,  not A’ lee as, and the second initial is for James) Starkovich has a combination of unusual names that puts him slightly above average. He’s even better known, especially at Miyamura High School as a fun-loving, hard-working, and intelligent student and athlete. Just the last two qualities are hard to find anymore - that elusive student/athlete bit - especially at the level where A.J. is happiest in competing.

In his final year of high school, the young Starkovich has lived a full...

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