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‘Playing with Heart’

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The Miyamura Patriots baseball team lost April 9 home conference game against Aztec by a score of 5-1, but not without giving it all their best. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ryan Hudgeons of RAH Photography


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Apr. 5, Tuesday

GHS BASE 3, Grants 9

GHS SOFT 17, Grants 6

MHS SOFT 5, Moriarty 0

ToHS BASE 4, 5 Zuni 7, 4

ToHS SOFT 6, 13 Zuni 30, 16

Apr. 7, Thursday

GHS BASE 3, Piedra Vista 12

WHS BASE 1, Bloomfield 12

WHS SOFT 0, 0 Bloomfield 10, 20

Apr. 8, Friday

GHS SOFT 0, 5 Miyamura 10, 15

MHS SOFT 10, 15 Gallup 0, 5

ToHS BASE 0, Laguna 17 @ Shash Invite

ToHS BASE 4, Zuni 11 @ Shash Invite

ToHS SOFT 1, Shiprock 16, @ Shash Invite

WHS BASE 12, 8, Navajo Prep 4, 4

WHS SOFT 2, vs Navajo Prep 21, @ Shash Invite

Apr. 9, Saturday

GHS JV T&F @ Shash Invite, Wingate First place of 10 Teams

MHS BASE 1, Aztec 5

RCHS T&F @ Shash Invite, Wingate Rehoboth Girls’ – First place of Ten...


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Apr. 15, Friday

GHS SOFT @ Piedra Vista, DH 4/6

MHS SOFT @ Farmington, DH 3/5

Apr. 16, Saturday

GHS BASE @ Farmington, 11

GHS JV SOFT vs Piedra Vista, DH 11/1

GHS TEN @ Farmington/PV 10

GHS T&F @ Miyamura, TBA

MHS BASE @ Aztec, 1

MHS JV SOFT vs Farmington, 11/1

MHS TEN @ Farmington/PV 10

MHS T&F vs Angelo DiPaolo Invite, TBA

RCHS T&F @ Angelo DiPaolo Invite, TBA

ToHS SOFT vs Wingate, 11

ToHS T&F @ Angelo DiPaolo Invite, TBA

WHS SOFT @ Tohatchi, 11

WHS T & F @ Angelo DiPaolo Invite, TBA

Apr. 18, Monday

MHS G TEN @ Rehoboth, 4


RCHS SOFT vs Newcomb, DH 3/5


ToHS BASE @ Rehoboth, DH 3/5

Apr. 19, Tuesday

GHS BASE @ Miyamura...

Recreational baseball and softball gears up for summer

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Well, it’s that time of the year again to start up the recreational baseball and softball teams for the summer. And at the same time it is also the time of year that way too many immature adults – known as parents – suddenly decide that nobody can organize their children like they can. This is a rite of Spring that has become traditional, not just here but across the nation.

Every parent – whether or not they ever played baseball or softball at any level – knows more about the games than anyone else. Mostly what they know is how to destroy all the fun and enjoyment kids get from this team activity, and turn it into a tearful, angst-ridden, and often angry experience many of...

A pleasant day for baseball

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One of the many things that makes baseball so enjoyable is when Mother Nature cooperates and produces a beautiful day, like the one on Apr. 2 at the Sports Complex. Other factors also contribute to that lazy day feeling, of course: visiting with old friends, and new ones, too; the sense that there is no hurry to the game; the warm sun, not too hot with a slight breeze; watching the younger kids play; and naturally getting to see the home team win.

Conversations ranged from silly to serious reminiscing, with a little teasing thrown in every direction. The warmth of the day and the unhurried atmosphere contributed to a lazy feeling that not even the joy of watching the toddlers could...

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