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Stage show brings Elvis Presley to life

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More than 700 see Elvis impersonator shake, rattle, roll

Elvis Presley didn’t die, he simply went on tour.

That’s the feeling that most in the capacity crowd got at a March 25 show in which Elvis impersonator Lonnie Yanes of Albuquerque performed tribute songs at the Gallup High School Auditorium. The near 90-minute...

RMCHCS Urgent Care grand opening party

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Scenes from Gallup Cheer Team Banquet

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‘Going in Style’ feels flat, formulaic

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Rating: «« out of 4 stars

Running Time: 97 min.

It has been a long time since I saw the original Going in Style (1979). So long, in fact, that my memories of it have admittedly faded. Yet, while watching the latest remake to come down the pipeline, I couldn’t help but start to think of it again. The newest version is genial but feels very toothless, with little in the way of dramatic stakes or deeper themes. Direct comparisons aren’t necessarily a fair way to judge a film, but when the mind starts wandering off like this at a screening, that isn’t the best of signs.

The plot involves three steelworkers and their families, all struggling to make ends meet. One is losing his...

Gallup Native Arts Market website launch, event announcement

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The First Annual Gallup Native Arts Market, will be held August 10-12, next to

Courthouse Plaza in downtown Gallup. While other events feature Native Art, this will be the first Native-managed art market to engage high-end artists to showcase the amazing work that comes from the Gallup area.

The showcase artists will be juried into the show by a commission of established Native artists to control quality and represent the different art mediums such as jewelry, weaving, pottery, sculpting, etc.

The Commission will receive logistical support from Gallup MainStreet Arts & Cultural District and gallupARTS, to coordinate the logistics, permitting and funding for this project with fiscal...

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