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State Police officers take a moment to pose with a Buffalo dancer during the Run For The Wall ceremony at Red Rock Park May 17.

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State Police officers take a moment to pose with a Buffalo dancer during the Run For The Wall ceremony at Red Rock Park May 17. From left, Ofc. Alfonso Montez, Ofc. Allan Ballinas, Buffalo dancer (name unknown), Sgt. Joshua Perea, and Ofc. Anthony Perez. Photo Credit: Knifewing Segura

Teacher utilizes experiences to help her students succeed

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Tomi Campos is Camille’s Sidewalk Café Teacher of the Month

Going out and finding students who have missed school for more than a couple of days is not your ordinary duty as a teacher, but Gallup Central High School teacher Tomi Campos, is not your ordinary teacher.

She does this because she truly cares about her students. Whether it’s going to their homes, their jobs, wherever they may be, she does this to make sure they are okay or if they need anything to help them get back into school. It’s similar to one of those afterschool television programs about a teacher who has a close knit relationship with her students which helps them make education a high priority in their...

Local family’s contribution to UNM

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Deadpool 2 lampoons the Marvel formula

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Rating: ««« out of ««««

Running Time: 119 minutes

Two years ago, the R-rated superhero flick Deadpool stormed the box office and surprised many movie analysts with a comical, adult-themed (and somewhat crass) take on the Marvel formula. However, it’s always difficult to recapture the same kind of magic with an immediate follow-up. Thankfully, Deadpool 2 is pretty decent as far as sequels go. Yes, it brings more of the same and takes some time to get moving, but it does find its rhythm and incorporates a few new elements that make it distinctive in its own right.

The story begins with Wade Wilson/Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) describing a series of terrible events that have led...

In Diné language, culture festival, students compete to showcase their heritage

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The 11th annual Diné Language and Culture Festival brought together students from across the district in a competition to showcase their Navajo heritage in the categories of oral presentation, singing, and dancing May 4. The event took place at Gallup High School.

Vern Bia, director of cultural education for Gallup High School, commended students for their traditional dress and encouraged them to take pride in their identity.

“Feel good about being Diné, be proud of it. There’s a beauty in our way, our language and our people,” he said. “Our language is important.”

Carmen Moffet, director of the GHS Johnson O’Malley Department, provided the welcome address.


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