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Lights, Camera, Profit

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N.M. businesses needed to support state’s growing film industry

With New Mexico gaining a reputation among film production companies, local businesses are needed to help fill a growing demand for services as more television shows and movies shoot in the Land of Enchantment.

The New Mexico Film Office reports nearly $506...

Madame G guide to the stars WEEK OF NOVEMBER 12

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Enjoy a First Quarter Moon on Nov. 15. The Sun is in Scorpio till Nov. 22—Scorpio is the sign of “depth, intimacy, and extremes of feeling,” according to Café Astrology. The key phrase for this sign is “I desire.” Madame G recommends you take time to explore your feelings. Wanting to make a better life for yourself isn’t wrong, mistreating people is. Do no harm and be kind.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Life is hard without your attitude getting in the way. Take a moment to reflect on your emotions. Are you angry or sad? Sometimes, this is a helpful distinction. When we address our fears and “trigger” points, we can address our desires. What do you truly want? When you...

NMSBA program brings small businesses, national laboratories together

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The crew from Santa Fe’s Honeymoon Brewery is raising a glass to the New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program and offering a hearty “salud” to David Fox of Los Alamos National Laboratories.

The cause for celebration? The successful pairing of a small-scale kombucha brewing business and a scientist at one of the nation’s premier research laboratories that was made possible through the NMSBA, a free program that gives small business owners in New Mexico access to the resources available at both LANL and Sandia National Laboratory.

For Honeymoon founders Ayla Bystrom-Williams and James Hill, working with LANL’s Fox allowed them to refine their brewing process and...

Post-election, it’s time to get to work for our kids

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ALBUQUERQUE — With election results in, it’s time to get to work. A new governor in office signals change on the horizon for New Mexico. We urge our new Governor, and our new and returning policymakers, to prioritize our hard-working families and their kids when they meet in January, 2019.

Our Roadmap to a Stronger New Mexico outlines changes that are vital to improving child well-being in our state. Our policy priorities include:

·Enacting a new Child Tax Credit and increasing the Working Families Tax Credit. Our state and local tax system now requires those who earn the least to pay a larger share of their income than the wealthiest. Working towards a stronger New Mexico...

Letter to the Editor: Vote with everyone’s future in mind

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On Nov. 6, everyone is counting on you to make it to the polls and cast your ballot. Since I have already voted, I encourage you to do the same as if your life depended on it since our future is hanging in the balance as it is.

All “Native American” tribes have the most to lose if the Republican GOP gains anymore political ground.

There is the threat of the Donald Trump administration who recently stole the tribal homelands of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe who could not prove they were “under the jurisdiction” of the Federal Government in 1934.

Under Trump, we can expect to see the treaties abrogated; all reservation boundaries lines dissolved; the authority of tribal...

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