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Photographer’s picks: Top 5 best photos of 2017

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Boderra Joe's picks: Top 5 best stories of 2017

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Wrapping up 2017 with just five top stories is a challenge. Really, each of these stories are on “top” to me. But if I had to pick out just a few, I would choose the pieces listed above.

Notice the top five stories I chose. Read each headline. Read them again. What do you notice about them?

I picked these pieces because they are the kinds of stories that are ignored or skimmed over by other publications. But given the chance, these are stories that can (and did) have a big impact on their community.

The top stories I shared are of issues people face daily. As writers, we are the voice for the people. It is our duty to highlight parts of society that demand attention. To...

Accident claims the lives of two Tsaile residents

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Alcohol appears to be a factor in crash

KIRTLAND – On the start of Christmas Eve, at about 1:46 am, New Mexico State Police were notified of a crash near the intersection of U.S. 64 milepost 42 and County Road 6500 in Kirtland, N.M.  The crash involved a Commercial Motor Vehicle and a sport utility vehicle with multiple occupants.

Officers arrived on scene and learned that the 2018 Kenworth CMV was approaching a red light at the intersection and had begun to slow. The CMV was struck from behind by a 2016 Buick Sport utility vehicle traveling west, in the same direction. Indicators at the scene show no signs of skid marks or braking prior to the impact.

The driver of the Buick Mr...

Gallup Sun’s picks for top 10 national stories of 2017

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1. Las Vegas shooting

The shooting in Las Vegas claimed the lives of 58 people on Oct. 1, and injured nearly 550 more. It was the deadliest shooting committed by an individual in United States history. This was a national tragedy that had particular resonance in Gallup, as one of the victims, Lisa Romero-Muniz, was a discipline secretary at Miyamura High School.

2. Hurricanes Irma, Harvey and Maria

Hurricanes Irma, Harvey and Maria swept across the U.S. and Puerto Rico within weeks of each other in a devastating hurricane season. The storms took lives, destroyed power grids, and cost states billions of dollars in repairs. The full extent of the damages in Puerto Rico are...

Weekly Police Activity Reports

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On Dec. 26, at about 8:13 pm, McKinley County Sheriff’s Dep. Roxanne Slim was sent to Buttercup Lane in response to an attempted suicide. A woman had called in the report over her father, who could be heard in the background of the call “yelling ‘Don’t look for me… don’t come back for me…” according to the police report.

Upon arriving at the scene, officers were directed inside the residence by another woman who appeared “scared and in a panic,” according to the report.

Slim handcuffed Tommy Denetclaw, 49, who denied that he had attempted suicide, and told the officer that he had held the woman who met the officers against her will inside the house because...

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