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NN presidential candidate Jonathan Nez announces running mate

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WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. – Joined by his supporters in the capital of the Navajo Nation, presidential candidate Jonathan Nez officially announced Navajo businessman Myron Lizer as his vice-presidential running mate for the 2018 Navajo Nation general election on Sept. 4.

“After careful thought, prayer, and a thorough vetting...

Navajo VP leads in primary

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Navajo Vice-President Jonathan Nez, who came out on top of all the pre-election polls, had no problem coming in first in the Navajo Nation primary for tribal president Aug. 28.

He won more chapters than all of the other 17 candidates combined, getting 14,105 votes, according to the unofficial totals.

Coming in second was former Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley Jr., who received 6,947 votes, but the story there was that throughout most of the night, he was fighting to keep that second place as Tom Chee, the tribal council delegate from Shiprock, who challenged him throughout night, at times came within 150 votes.

Chee came in third place with 6,411 votes.

The tribe’s current...

Eighteen candidates run for Navajo Nation President

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TSAILE, Ariz. — Since July, presidential candidate forums, moderated by various media groups, have been held across the Navajo Nation.

The fifth and final forum was held on the main campus of Diné College on Aug. 20.

The candidates, by order on the ballot are Benny Bahe, President Russell Begaye, Tom Chee, Vice President Jonathan Nez, Calvin Lee Jr., Joe Shirley Jr., Vincent H. Yazzie, Rex Lee Jim, Norman Patrick Brown, Trudie Jackson, Shawn Redd, Alton Joe Shepherd, Emily Ellison, Tom Tso, Kevin Cody, Hope MacDonald Lonetree, Nick X. Taylor, and Dineh Benally.

All of the candidates running for president were in attendance for the final forum, with the exception of Redd.


Council approves contract award bid to Infosend for bill print services

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The current provider for the City of Gallup’s utility bill print services is DataPrint, and the city is not under a contract to remain with them. On March 31, the city elected to use Infosend as the new bill print service provider.

Infosend’s front and back in full color will cost $68,376 per year to process 11,000 bills per month, which also includes the use of additional bill styles and appearances not currently available to the city.

These changes in style will lead to a more layman approach to billing, Jon DeYoung, assistant city manager, said during the meeting.

“[The] visuals and wordings [will] help the customers understand the billing,” DeYoung said.

The existing...

U.S. action toward migrants along border ignites moral showdown across the nation

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Tornillo, Texas, is a desert town east of El Paso, just 89 miles from Las Cruces. Fewer than 2,000 residents were recorded living there in the 2010 Census. But it hosts a port of entry across the U.S.-Mexico border—one that exposes the increasingly urgent moral battle over migration and human rights.

Last week, the Trump administration announced a new facility at the port of entry to temporarily hold immigrant children separated from their parents.

According to a story in the Texas Tribune, HHS is erecting tents in Tornillo for the children and teens. Reporter Bob Moore, former editor of the El Paso Times, noted that while the federal government uses the name Tornillo Land...

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