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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Expulsion of drunks, not jail

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If WE choose to ignore reality and simply go about our own business, reality has a way of hitting us in the face. The governor and Mr. Munoz are dead set on l-o-n-g-e-r sentences for the problem drunks. Reality tell’s us that the drunk population will continue to grow eternally. longer sentences and a never ending supply of...

The wisdom of learning from others

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To the editor,

Fellow humans who are involved with alcohol: I am aware that for most of you, my attempts to get you to quit drinking are unwelcome. I keep trying because I think back and deeply regret rejecting the people who attempted to help me. Also, the fact that God did not give up on me helps me to not give up on you.

I had a set strategy for all who attempted to get me to quit drinking. I would ask them: “Am I trying to get you to drink with me?”

When they said no, I would say, “Then how about if you live your life and let me live mine?”

I learned the hard way; you do not have to.

There is a saying: A wise man learns from experience, but a wiser man learns from the...

What warrants prosecution?

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To the editor,

A real president for the Navajo Nation is needed.

In 1973, an 18-year-old protesting the legal sale of alcohol to Native Americans who were falling down drunk was killed by Gallup police. The Navajo chairman sent his apologies to the Gallup mayor several years ago.

Farmington police killed a man for assaulting his girlfriend. The Navajo president did nothing.

The present president wants the officer who executed a drunk woman in Winslow, who posed zero danger to him or to his fellow officer (who has yet to be identified), “removed and barred from further serving as a police officer.” There’s no mention of prosecution, or if no prosecution, of boycotting all of...

Letter to the Editor: Incident reports from the streets of Gallup

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RE: “Armed and Dangerous”, The Gallup Sun, July 29, 2016.

The killing of Alvin Ross Sylversmyth on July 24 was going to happen eventually; if not him, another Navajo would be dead.  Former Gallup Police Department Chief Robert Cron, Deputy Chief John Allen, and Captain Rick White were personally presented with testimony regarding the brutality of the GPD, especially the “Protective Custody” officers that roam the streets 24/7 picking whoever they can nab.

I have been accosted many times by the GPD while walking on the streets minding my own business and sober; this compelled me to compile a document “Incident Reports from the Streets of Gallup” over a two-year...

To serve and protect?

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To the editor,

A headline says: “Knife-wielding man killed as he rushed Gallup Police.” It should have read: “Obviously drunk man staggers toward five or six Gallup Police and these half-dozen police, armed with batons, tasers, pistols — not to mention the fact that they outnumber this drunk six to one — were so in fear for their lives that they shot this drunk six times.”

Six police could easily have hit this drunk with six batons from all directions and taken this knife from one dizzy drunk (they were all sober) without killing him. Instead, their solution was to take this drunk’s life.

On the same front page, we are told that the officer who fired five bullets into a...

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