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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Bishop James Wall voices opposition to abortion bill

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Says bill would victimize vulnerable population

“GALLUP (January 07, 2019) – I, the Catholic bishop of the Diocese of Gallup, voice my strong opposition to a proposed bill aimed at repealing a New Mexico state law criminalizing abortion.

While the law is currently not enforced due to federal legalization of abortion...

Letter to the Editor: Every day is Indigenous Peoples’ Day

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This coming January 2019, the New Mexico State Legislature has an opportunity to make history and vote on proposed legislation to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

State Representative Derrick Lente, a member of Sandia Pueblo tribe, stated it has cleared its first hurdle with an unopposed committee endorsement.

After the inauguration of Democratic Governor — elect Michelle Lujan Grisham — the bill will be introduced, although it is not yet clear if she supports the proposal to rename the state holiday on the second Monday in October.

New Mexico remains strongly attached to its colonial history, but less so to the sailor who was lost at sea and facing a...

Letter to the Editor: Vote with everyone’s future in mind

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On Nov. 6, everyone is counting on you to make it to the polls and cast your ballot. Since I have already voted, I encourage you to do the same as if your life depended on it since our future is hanging in the balance as it is.

All “Native American” tribes have the most to lose if the Republican GOP gains anymore political ground.

There is the threat of the Donald Trump administration who recently stole the tribal homelands of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe who could not prove they were “under the jurisdiction” of the Federal Government in 1934.

Under Trump, we can expect to see the treaties abrogated; all reservation boundaries lines dissolved; the authority of tribal...

Letter to the Editor

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I am a mother and human rights advocate living in Gallup, New Mexico, a community struggling with addressing the legacy of uranium mining and the increasing impacts of climate change. As such, I constantly worry about the air my kids breathe and the environment they will inherit so I find it unacceptable that Acting Administrator Wheeler is weakening key parts of EPA’s rules to reduce methane pollution from the oil and gas industry.

With the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recent report, Wheeler’s efforts to create a huge loophole for oil and gas companies amounts to an attack against humanity as it opens the door for these industries to pollute our atmosphere with...

Letter to the Editor: Gavin Clarkson: best choice for all New Mexicans, on- and off-reservation

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My name is Sandra Jeff, a citizen of both New Mexico and the Navajo Nation. As a Democrat, I represented New Mexico House District 5 from 2008-2014, and I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Gavin Clarkson, an enrolled tribal member, for New Mexico Secretary of State.

During the 2014 legislative session, I opposed legislation economically harmful for rural New Mexicans. Vice President Biden supported my principled position based on my district’s demographics.

The machine party Democrats vowed retribution for my placing policy and principle over party and for crossing party lines to benefit all New Mexicans. Then Bernalillo County Clerk, Maggie Toulouse Oliver, was part of...

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