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Letters to the Editor

Fences and Walls: How about our Wildlife

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Letter to the Editor

Recently, while traveling on a rural road in our state, the new wire fences lining both sides peaked my interest. On one side of the road there was an old wooden post fence alongside the new metal fencing and there were man-made obstacles blocking the underpasses. As these fences went on for miles, I...

Former police officer sounds off on NRA, guns

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Well if you have read my past letters about the NRA this should be of some interest to you. Per my last letter I did not like Mr. Oliver North asking for 2 million dollars to fight the incoming politicians when he and Mr. Wayne La-Pierre are already millionaires. North said we has 6 million NRA member’s, then all we had to do was have everybody pitch in one dollar.

I was not happy. I have pitched more than my share and where was everybody else including North & La-Pierre? Well today according to Reuters news report North is stepping down from the NRA and La-Pierre is accusing North of trying to blackmail him. The New York Times reported Saturday the New York AG Letita James opened an...

Letter to the Editor: There’s time to oppose Nuke waste in NM

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Forty years after the “worst accident” in the United States involving radioactive material occurred in Church Rock, New Mexico on July 16, 1979 when approximately 94 million gallons of radioactive waste that was held in unlined evaporation ponds at the United Nuclear Corporation’s (UNC) mill site was released into the Rio Puerco River and flowed through nearby communities and on through the state of Arizona westward, UNC wants to begin a clean up effort that will allow disposal of Northeast Church Rock (NECR) mine waste that is estimated at approximately 1,000,000 cubic yards.

On March 19 and 21, 2019 the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) held two Public Environmental...

Letter to the Editor: Guns and the NRA

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Some time since last letter to the editor, so I thought I would throw in a few words about the left wing Democrats in Santa Fe, and some of their new laws. A lifetime member of the NRA and firm believer in the Second Amendment, however I have seen too many people that should not have guns that hide behind the NRA and the debate.

The NRA never asks the members if they would mind background checks, they just fight every new law that comes out and keep asking me to donate almost every day via phone calls, or advertisements in the mail.  I have donated a few dollars here and there. According to Mr. Oliver North, the new NRA President, in a recent letter, we have six million members and they...

Letter to the Editor: No to Trump

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To all American Citizens: Please do not give President Donald Trump one penny or give in one inch in his strong arm tactics to extort money for his immoral wall. The separation of families and the detention of children has crossed The Red Line of American values and has diminished our credibility in the world.

Donald Trump is an embarrassment to America. He has sown division, propagated hate and violence, shunned our historical allies while embracing our historical enemies, disrespected women and minorities and mocked Native Americans who have contributed to the founding of our great nation. 19 women accusers later, he has given credence to MAGA: “Married Adulterer Groping...

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