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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Thoughts on Trump

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Love the man or hate the man, Donald Trump’s message to New Mexicans did inspire hope and excitement for our state’s future. Will we see the state turn Red in the next election? Maybe; Only time will tell. I want to express a few thoughts with you before I dive into, the experience of seeing a sitting president in my...

Re: ‘What is the definition of clean?’

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Sunday morning, Labor Day weekend, I was trying to wash a stack of dishes while my two year old and his puppy were on a tear of destruction behind me. We just got over a tantrum when he pulled salsa out of the fridge just to spill it, and fought for at least a half hour when I demanded he was responsible for cleaning it up. With all this other chaos, all I could think of while trying to wash dishes, was the Housing Authority article I read the night before.

I understand, of course, public housing needs to do checks to stay up to codes and standards. Of course it helps ensure health and safety and welfare of all tenants. But I am lucky that no one is coming to do a housekeeping inspection...

Letter to the Editor: Registered sex offender speaks out

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I don’t guess this will get published, despite the fact that you claim to be fair and unbiased, but newspapers exist as a public service. Every news organization is bent a certain way from the New York Times to CNN and Fox News.

Anyone can put something on paper and publish it and give it a larger than life headline and scare the general public and not think about the consequences because, frankly, they don’t care, because they do it anonymously, as a paid advertisement. But you also have to remember that there are always two sides to every story and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. It’s easy to pull something up on a computer and read it, because if it’s on the Internet...

Letter to the Editor: Nuke storage, human error and unintended consequences

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RE: John Heaton, Chairman of the Eddy Lea Energy Alliance, August 09, 2019 comments in The Gallup Sun (“The Nuke Storage Debate”) regarding the proposed Holtec’s HI-STORE Consolidated Interim Storage Facility (CISF) and the transportation of high-level radioactive waste across New Mexico.

Heaton writes, “We also do not yet know what the transportation routes the fuel will take to reach the proposed facility will be.” And, he adds that the “project is strongly supported with resolutions from Eddy and Lea County Commissioners, as well as the elected Councilors and Commissioners in Carlsbad and Hobbs.”

That is good news. Since he is relying on resolutions passed by...

Letter to the Editor: Upcoming nostalgic boarding school reunion

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I have previously read about school reunion announcements in the Gallup Independent and the Navajo Times for some BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) off reservation boarding schools such as Intermountain in Utah, Riverside in California, Chemawa in Oregon and Phoenix in AZ.

These off-reservation boarding schools were closed over 50 or more years ago but their former students still get together every spring and summer and I salute them for their firm dedication in getting together in their 80s perhaps.

Since I was a student in St. Michaels Indian School during 1950s, I would like to announce school reunion planning to be held at St Michael Indian School on Friday, September 6, 2019 from 10...

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