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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies feels a bit stiff

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Rating: «« out of 4 Stars

Running Time: 108 min.

At this point, we’ve seen more takes on the famous and enormously popular Jane Austen novel than probably any of us can count. At least the latest adaptation does throw in a new and unexpected element into the mix - the undead. Yet, while Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has its moments, the movie is afraid to take any liberties or poke fun at its source material. It’s well mounted but feels a bit stiff and doesn’t go far enough to maximize the outrageous potential the material possesses.

Elizabeth Bennet (Lily James) is a young woman living with her parents and sisters. Concerned for the future of the family, their mother...

Real life heroes prevail in ‘The Finest Hours’

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Rating ««« out of 4 Stars

RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 57 min

Saturated with a refreshingly old fashioned sense and sensibility, The Finest Hours is an exciting throwback to the harrowing adventure films of days past. The fact that this is a Disney film makes all the more sense as the story of real-life hero Bernie Webber would have felt right at home alongside Davy Crockett and True-Life Adventures on Sunday night’s Wonderful World of Disney.

It was 1952 when an unforgiving blizzard hit Cape Cod. Snow fell in thick sheets and the ocean raged. In an unprecedented display of terrible luck, two oil tankers snapped in half off the Massachusetts’ coastline.  The coastguard had the...

DVD/Blu-ray Roundup for Jan. 29th, 2016

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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of highlights making their debuts on DVD and Blu-ray. Let’s get right to it as there is plenty of variety this time out. So if you can’t make it out to the movies this week, be sure to give one of these titles a try!

Big New Releases!

The Assassin - A female assassin is hired to eliminate a nobleman in this Chinese period drama. The only problem for the hit lady is that her target used to be her fiance. This foreign-language effort garnered strong reviews during its limited release a few months back. While some felt the visuals overwhelmed the minimalist story, most felt the painterly photography was so gorgeous that it made the...

The ‘5th Wave’ delivers an assault of silly hokum

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Rating: « out of 4 Stars

Running Time: 112 min.

Ridiculous. Sorry, but that’s the overwhelming feeling from the latest “Young Adult” novel adaptation to hit cinemas. Despite the efforts of a solid cast, The 5th Wave can’t withstand the screenplay’s barrage of disaster tropes, teen romance film clichés and, well, encounters with aliens. It creates an increasingly absurd environment completely at odds with the serious tone. By the final act, it comes across as far more funny than exciting.

As the film begins, aliens have arrived, decimating the population through a series of “waves”. First, it’s an electro-magnetic pulse, crashing cars and sending planes plummeting to...

DVD/Blu-ray Roundup for Jan. 22, 2016

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Wow! It’s an incredibly busy edition of DVD and Blu-ray highlights, making it nearly impossible for viewers not to find something to their liking. There’s a strong emphasis on music-based entertainment, but even if that’s not to your tastes there’s still plenty to choose from. As always, click on any links to read full reviews. So if you can’t make it out to the movies this week, be sure to give one of these titles a try!

Big New Releases!

All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records - Well, the title of this documentary just about says it all. It chronicles the formation of this record store chain in the 60s and follows it through to its recent...

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