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EDDIE THE EAGLE Exudes Goofy Charm

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By Glenn Kay

For the Sun

Rating: 3 out of 4 stars

Running Time: 105 min.

Sometimes, despite your rational mind telling you that what you're watching is about as corny as they come, you still can't help but like a movie. Eddie the Eagle is one such example. This biopic of the goofy British ski-jumper is big, broad and lacks any kind of subtlety. Yet somehow it charms with its earnestness, resulting in a warm and inspirational tale of a young man refusing to let anything come in the way of achieving his dream.

Of course, that grand dream does change somewhat. Beginning with Eddie as an accident-prone child in a leg brace, we see him inspired to become an Olympian. Much to his parent's...

Triple 9 – A simple, pulpy tough guy flick

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Rating: ««« out of 4 stars

Running Time: 115 min.

Director John Hillcoat has a resume that includes plenty of rough and tumble films like The Proposition, The Road, and most recently, Lawless. His latest effort is no exception. Triple 9 is full of scowling, mean characters that would shoot you just as soon as look at you. This heist story is a bit sillier and less thoughtful than his other efforts, but if you’re in the mood for a simple, tough guy action flick, you could do worse.

Set in Atlanta, the plot follows ex-militia man Michael (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and his team (which includes plenty of crooked cops) as they attempt to pull off a heist for a Russian mobster’s wife, Irina...

‘The Witch’ – A weird flick that may cast an eerie spell on you

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Rating: ««« out of 4 stars

Running Time: 93 min.

Advertised as a “New England folktale”, The Witch may fall under the category of horror, but don’t go in expecting typical jump scares and traditional devices. The latest creeper to arrive in cinemas is far more arthouse film than slasher movie in its approach. First time director Robert Eggers uses a style not dissimilar to the work of independent filmmakers like Ben Wheatley (Kill List, A Field in England). But is this attempt to terrify successful?

Set in the 17th Century, a Puritan family is exiled from their plantation and travel deep into the woods to start a new life. When a newborn child disappears under suspicious...

‘Deadpool’ brings some uncanny carnal knowledge

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Rating: ««« out of 4 stars

Running time: 107 minutes

Are you sick of the standard superhero movies hitting the multiplexes every three and half weeks?  Bored with the same ol’ macho men in tights pummeling other macho men in tights ad nauseam? Do you enjoy “Adult” films that obtain their “R” rating by having the immature mentality of a hormone-crazed teenager?

You’re in luck! The new Marvel Comics’ movie Deadpool is your one-stop shop for Uncanny Carnal Carnage. This is “Hard R” material that shakes off many conventions of the genre. While it earned its rating for strong violence and language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity it all results in some...

DVD/Blu-ray Roundup for Feb. 12, 2016

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Welcome back to another busy edition of highlights coming to DVD and Blu-ray. Once again, it’s an impressive collection of releases. So if you can’t make it out to the movies this week, be sure to give one of these titles a try!

Big New Releases!

99 Homes - A young construction worker who loses his home finds himself working for the real estate broker who repossessed it in this independent drama. Based around the housing market crisis of 2008, it shows the young man as he is introduced into the crooked world of his employer. Reviews were generally strong for the feature, noting the performance of the antagonist character as a standout. The cast includes Andrew Garfield...

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