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Public Safety

Dead body discovered in local lot

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The body of Herman Lee, 64, of Pinedale, NM was discovered at about 7:30 am March 16 in the southeast parking lot of Furniture Warehouse, 919 E. Hwy 66.

Gallup Police Department Capt. Rick White said it’s the “ninth open area death” of this winter season. White also said there doesn’t appear to be any foul play...

Weekly Crime Blotter

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An out-of-state couple needs the public’s help in finding out who stole the wife’s $3,200 blue Cannondale bike off the back of their RV sometime between 2 and 3 pm, near Mentmore bike trail. The couple have the serial number to help identify the bike. Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crimestoppers at (505) 722-6161.



McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Monty Yazzie responded to Tse Bonito Conoco where a thief, and possibly an accomplice, made off with four, 15 pound bottles of “White Rhino” propane valued at nearly $320. Video surveillance shows a suspect wearing a beanie, possibly a...


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Augustine R. Bob

March 10, 11:49 am

7th DWI, Aggravated

Bob, 54, makes a left turn in front of another driver heading northbound on U.S. 491. The other vehicle hits Bob as he’s heading through the intersection at Jefferson. Bob is slurring his speech, has bloodshot watery eyes, and reeks of alcohol. Bob admits to Gallup Police Department Officer Norman Bowman that he drank 30 cans of Budweiser beers.

Bob was arrested, yet again, for another DWI. He blew a .29 and .30 during the breath tests. The legal limit is .08. Don’t be like Bob. Don’t drink and drive.

Randall R. Yazzie

Feb. 17, 5:33 pm

Aggravated DWI

The sun was likely bright, as Yazzie reportedly stated...

CD/DVD pirate busted at flea market

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McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Pat Salazar did an undercover sweep with agents, and an evidence technician, of the Gallup flea mart during the late morning hours of March 5.

Walter Francis, 30, was the only vendor popped for selling more than 600 music CDs along with a handful of DVDs, Salazar explained.

Francis didn’t just buy a CD and rip it and recopy onto other CDs. He went through the Apple Store, or similar sites, and recorded songs online.

“Usually it’s someone buying a CD and ripping a copy,” MSCO Investigator Merle Bates said.

Francis was charged for unauthorized recording and required labeling – both fourth degree felonies.

Gallup PD Narcs raid four locales

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Busy start to 2016

Gallup Police Department’s narcotics division has been off to a busy start this year. Four different drug stings resulted in raids and netted 14 arrests thanks to the help of some confidential informants and uncover agents.

The most recent raid was March 4, at the home of Joseph “Spooky” Gonzales, 2580 E. Boyd Ave. At least one stolen gun, along with other guns, drugs, drug paraphernalia, and thousands in cash were confiscated from the property.

It was a three month sting GPD Lt. Matt Wright said. And it was anything but textbook. Gonzales, 30, made a run for it, but two K-9 officers were able to catch up with him and keep him at bay. The situation could...

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