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‘God’s blessing’

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Felicia’s follow up


If the name Felicia Guliford doesn’t stir any memories for some readers, chances are that they haven’t been in New Mexico for very long or that they are totally disinterested in sports of any kind. For the rest of us that have been here a while and try to keep up with what is...

‘Creative Business as Usual’

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Ribbon cutting opens 69th Navajo Nation Fair

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Window Rock – Office of the Navajo Nation President and Vice President Ambassador Peterson Zah performed the ceremonial ribbon cutting to open the 69th Annual Navajo Nation Fair Sept. 9.

Ambassador Zah was joined by Martin Begaye, from the Navajo Nation Fair Office; Arbin Mitchell, Chief of Staff from the Speaker’s Office; and Navajo Nation Attorney General Ethel Branch.

Also in attendance were Jesse Delmar, Director of the Department of Public Safety, Marty Ashley, Executive Director of the Navajo Tax Commission, Bidtah Becker, Acting Director of the Department of Natural Resources and Theresa Hopkins from the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission.

With the ribbon cutting...

Navajo Nation celebrates liquor store closures

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NAHATA DZIIL, Ariz. – Approximately 60 community members celebrated the close of local liquor business. The participants included: Nahata Dziil Chapter officials, Navajo Nation Council members, Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission, and Apache County Board of Supervisor Barry Weller gathered at Nahata Dziil Chapter on Sept. 3. President Russell Begaye signed off on documents to finalize the purchase of three separate properties, on which Ole Red Barn Liquor, High Country Liquor, and Lee’s Liquor once operated near the community of Nahata Dziil.

The celebratory event marked the culmination of years of collaborative efforts to close the liquor establishments that have plagued...

Behavioral Health Services ‘Grand Opening’

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