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Top 10 Baby Names in New Mexico for 2015*

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Here is the list of top ten baby names in New Mexico in 2015 as compiled by the Department of Health’s Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics:


1. Mia

2. Sophia

3. Isabella

4. Ava

5. Olivia

6. Emma

7. Sofia

8. Abigail

9. Aria

10 Emily


1. Noah

2. Elijah

3. Liam

4. Michael

5. Josiah


Teacher of the Month: Trib Choudhary

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Mr. Trib Choudhary who is a professor at UNM Gallup and Zuni campuses, won our “Teacher of the Month” honor and took the time to sit down with me and answer some questions.

I always love it when I see that interviewing someone is a requirement for kids in school. When you sit down and ask someone questions about their life, you never know what you’re going to get. It could be a life-changing experience, and sometimes the hidden treasures that people have never told unless someone asked them about it.

In our interviews with local teachers who were nominated by their students, I have learned so much about their passion – teaching, and am also able to give them some recognition...

GGEDC Retention & Expansion Luncheon

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“It’s the first ever meeting of its kind, as far as I can discover,” proudly said Patty Lundstrom, the executive director of the Greater Gallup Economic Development Corporation. “We are here (at the Hilton Garden Hotel) to recognize and celebrate the top 10 businesses in McKinley County that have had the largest impact in the region, from creating jobs to investing in other ways for the economic progress we need.”

The noon meeting on Dec. 15 sparked a lively round of conversation during and after the meal, as these business people shared their concerns and accomplishments with others of the same mind. At the top of the concerns was a need to vastly improve the skill sets...

Jennifer Hits the Right Note at El Morro Theatre

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Jennifer Lazarz (pronounced easily in two languages: the article le in French; and tsars in Russian) is probably better known in the Gallup area for her ability to hit the right notes, since she served with the Land of Enchantment Opera last summer.

Besides using her musical talents to a high degree, she was also named the Director of El Morro Theatre about eight weeks ago. Theater is just part of her passion, though an important one. She also has a great deal of experience with film, and a love of all art that cannot be diminished.

“I am a pragmatist, not an idealist,” Jennifer said in opening the interview. “I want to institute procedures to make everything more community...


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